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Default Dell Mini 10v - Graphics Testing - 06-18-2009, 03:39 PM

Heya MDM Forums,

I was bored at work so I decided to do some testing to see what the Dell Mini would score on the FFXI Benchmark Test. Now, there may be better ways to test graphics but I like using the benchmarking software provided for FFXI (which I play). Heres how it breaks down.

Quoted from FF Shrine - Final Fantasy 11 XI Benchmark Information and Scoring:


What the scores mean.

Note: These scores only represent low-resolution mode. If you cannot run the program and it say something about "T&L", you need a recent videocard.

Can't run - 999:

Short gist of it, your computer is just too weak to handle FFXI. Please consider upgrading your computer if you can't run this or even have large masses of frames dropping.

1000 - 1499:

Your computer can run FFXI but expect to not be able to enjoy the game to the fullest. Your game will bog down when you're around parties or crowded areas. Try upgrading a bit to enjoy the game more or change the resolution and texture settings to low.

1500 - 1999:

Your computer can handle FFXI without too much problems on the default settings. You might want to consider putting some of the options on low to get a smoother frame rate.

2000 - 2499:

Your computer is great, you can enjoy the game without even tweeking much.

2500 - 2999:

You should be able to try the game in high resolution with all the graphic effects on. Did you invest much on your computer? It really shows!

3000 - 3999:

You're really not going to have any problems running FFXI. With this type of computer, for it to not run would just be down right wrong. I bet you play a lot of FPS games if you have a computer that can get marks this high.


You might as well set everything to MAX, you won't notice any slow down period with this. Maybe you should considering buying parts for other people so they can play FFXI as well? Ah, your computer must be cooled down by some sort of coolant device.


Either you got this by glitching the thing... or your computer must be worth more than your own life! Go nuts, you're never going to be slowed down by FFXI and you'll be able to see every single detail without slowing down the game at all. Your room must be a freezer if you can keep your computer cool with this much power!


Now down to business with the Dell Mini 10v. I ran this test when I first got the PC just to see if it would run w/o generating TNL errors and crap like that and it actually fired up! Whew, one hurtle down.

I benched 1376 on the stock machine.
I replaced the RAM and benched 1476~
I benched GMA boosted... Using the GMABooster and it only spikes the score 75 points or so coming in at 1550~

What this translates to is that you can run the game decently, kick off shadows, lower clipping pane, make some other minor adjustment and gogogo. It runs well IMO, not better then my custom desktop but for gaming on the go with a 10in laptop, what more can you ask for?

And just a FYI, the chat text is very readable and it fullscreens itself and adjust to fit into the 1024X576 res well. Just need to change the aspect ratio so that all the char models don't look squished and fat
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