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Default 06-04-2009, 07:15 PM

Originally Posted by conleyri View Post
Thank you

I didn't mean to be 'mean'. The forum won't let me post an answer that's too short. so I typied it three times...

each 10v/10/12/9 has built-in mic
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Thumbs down mini 10v=JUNK - 06-09-2009, 03:36 PM

I received my Dell mini 10v last Wednesday, I returned it the next day.
Hopefully mine was an exception and not the rule.I could barely get a flash drive in and it felt like something would break.The lan cable would just fall out because it would not lock, the cable worked fine on my other 2 computers.
The on and off switch does not work well, takes several hard pushes to turn on. I about ripped my fingernail off trying to get the battery out, and it still didn't come out. There are several other problems but basically this the most poorly built computer I have ever seen. Not to mention there are led"s or wifi switch or indicator.Dell has sunk to a new level. I also have a Acer one 10 inch and there is no comparison in quality. It took 2 hours and 11 transfers to get the right person for a return.
I have a Dell XPS m1530 and I believe its one of the best laptops made today, but the mini 10v is missing in quality. Sorry to say but I would advise you to look elsewhere for a netbook. If your buying it for OS X they are making new kexts all the time so buy the best netbook first.
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Default 06-09-2009, 07:43 PM

Got my Mini 10v yesterday and stayed up pretty late playing with it. I ordered mine with the 16 GB SSD, bluetooth, wireless n, and 6 cell battery options. The 10v addresses a few of the shortcomings on my previous Mini 9.

1. Keyboard size- 10" is perfect for my hands. 9" was just too small for real use. I have medium size hands.

2. Display- Again, size matters. That extra 1" makes the screen much more usable. Also, the Mini 10 seems to have much better vertical viewing angles than the 9. The Mini 9 washed out if you moved your head just a few inches up or down.

3. I opted for the 6 cell battery which does a nice job of tilting the keyboard at a comfortable angle. It is heavy though and I may end up buying a 3 cell for daily use. 6 cell will be for planes.

I like the LED on the power connector.

I don't like the 3 prong power plug. Why did Dell switch to this for the 10v?

I hate the trackpad. The mini 9's was absolutely perfect, I want it on the 10v.

The not flush SD card slot is OK. Many times I have packed my laptop away while forgetting to remove the card, I won't do that with the 10v.

I tried installing OSX, and got as far as the Dell EFI installer. Ran into mutliple problems after running DellEFI. I decided that while OSX is cool, it's still too buggy for my tastes so I installed XP Pro SP2 and am very happy with how stable everything is.

I'd easily recommend the Mini 10v. I would also recommend opting for an SSD drive, it is what makes this relatively low powered netbook so usable on a day to day basis. Boots up in 20 seconds and apps open so fast.
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Default 06-09-2009, 10:06 PM

The Mini 10v is pretty slick with an SSD isn't it?
Not many people have the 10v with Dell's SSD and I would be curious to see how it does with some benchmarking. Are you familiar with Atto benchmark? It's not as comprehensive as some but it gives a quick and dirty point of beginning. If you are so inclined, here's a link to the program and if you give it a try, we can compare with the results I've gotten on my OCZ Vertex.

techPowerUp! :: Download ATTO Disk Benchmark v2.34

XPS 420|XPS 420|M1330: Windows 7 x64, Windows 8-8102
M1330: Quad boot: Windows 7 x64, XP Pro x64, Ubuntu, Media Direct
Mini 9: Black, 2GB, 1.3MP Cam, BT, Runcore 32, Windows 7
Mini 10: Black, Z530, Intel 5100 WiFi, OCZ Vertex SSD, XP Pro & Windows 7 (sold)
Mini10v: 2GB, OCZ Vertex, Intel 5100, Windows 7
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Default 06-11-2009, 03:18 PM

Got my Mini 10v a couple of days ago, and here are my thoughts.

The keyboard is something I particularly like about this model, as I had difficulties using the Mini 9 my friend purchased. Having all the keys in the right position does wonders for my typing on this thing.

The trackpad is really a non-issue for me. Through the lifetime of my other laptop, I became more accustomed to using just a tap on the trackpad to click. The only issue I see is the right-clicking when I decide to use that. However, I'm also going to be buying an external mouse for use in some situations.

The screen is plenty bright, and I normally have to have it set at about half brightness just so it doesn't feel like my eyes are going to burn up. I don't have any problems reading anything on the screen, although some programs like to cut off the bottom of their windows (and I have to tab to the button I need to click).

Occasionally, I feel like the laptop's getting a bit too warm for my taste. This happens usually when watching videos either on Youtube or from my hard drive.

That said, the video applications I'll be using this for (Hulu, Youtube, internal drive with DVD rips) all work great. I didn't see any stuttering when streaming the lower-res video on Hulu (haven't tested the 480p). Playing my dvd rips in VLC had no problems with glitches or frame skipping. When playing HD video (3 minute trailer, 1280x720, 3148kbps) in VLC, the experience was fairly underwhelming. It suffered from slow frame rates and glitchy audio on occasion. However, moving to Windows Media Player 12 (I've installed Windows 7 on it), I noticed no problems watching multiple trailers at the same bitrate. Unfortunately, I have nothing longer in HD to test this playback for extended periods.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase, and once I can start instaling all the programs I use more easily (Virtual CloneDrive is great, but it's time-consuming to make those images) with my external USB DVD drive, it will be that much better.

Mini 10v: 1.6Ghz N270, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 6-cell battery, Windows 7 Ultimate
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Default 06-29-2009, 07:14 AM

Originally Posted by VanceAndTriples View Post
My ONLY complaints so far are the touchpad is a bit of a problem, you get cursor jump if your using the buttons. I downloaded the latest driver updates and I am experiencing the same problem. After a while you get reconditioned to NOT leave you finger near the button until your ready to strike it.
I found another solution: Just press the buttons only with your fingernail, if you can. Don't use the whole fingertip.
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Default 06-29-2009, 07:16 AM

Originally Posted by jor View Post
I like the multi-touch better. Maybe it's just me. I don't need to press the buttons any more. even drag and drop can be done without pressing buttons
Can you please explain me, how to use drag&drop? How do you manage it? Maybe I'm a little bit unhandy
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