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Exclamation Mini 10v/Inspiron 1011 - New Details! - 05-18-2009, 01:10 PM

(MODS: Feel free to move, as I'm not sure the hardware forum was the best spot to put this, even though that's what the bulk of it is about.)

Okay, so all you DCSE's out there, they finally release the Inspiron 1011 training.

Here's some info, in no particular order.

Inspiron™ 1011

Processor type
Intel Atom N270 Diamondville
Intel Atom N280 Diamondville*

Processor speeds
1.6GHz , 533MHz, 512K
1.66GHz , 533MHz, 512K*
1.6GHz , 667MHz, 512K*

System chipset
Intel® 945GSE UMA

DDR2 - 800 MHz

Memory min/max
1024 MB

LCD types
10.1 inch WSVGA True Life

Intel® GMA 950

Video memory
Up to 8MB shared

ALC268 Audio

USB support
3 x USB 2.0 ports

Hard drive interface
2.5” HDD SATA II:120/160/250* GB 5400 rpm
2.5” SSD SATA II:8/16 GB

Media bay options
Optional Dell branded external ultra slim optical disk drive

Wireless options

Bluetooth support
Daughter Card

1.3 megapixel, Fixed bezel-mounted camera

Realtek RTL8103E 10/100 Mbps

External USB modem (no internal option)

1x full size minicard slot for WWAN
1x half-height minicard slot for WLWAN
RJ-45 Ethernet port, 10/100 LAN
Audio - Headphone out x 1 jack
Audio - Microphone in x 1 jack
3 x USB 2.0 ports
3-in-1 media card reader SD-HC/MMC/MS
Modem is via external USB dongle

TV Tuner
External USB

Operating system
Linux Ubuntu 8.04
Microsoft Windows XP SP3 32 bit

AC adapter
Dell 30W Adapter

Base 3-cell (2.2Ahr, 24Whr) battery
Upsell 6-cell (2.6Ahr, 56Whr) battery

2.86lbs (1.30kg) when configured with entry 3-cell battery, 120GB HDD

* will be available post RTS
Items interesting to note from the above:

- 1.66 GHz processor eventually available, as well as at an apparently faster bus speed
- 2 GB RAM not explicitly supported, but it may still be an option
- 10.1" WSVGA True Life
- TV tuner via USB

Now, I'm also looking further into it. Only a single LED...the power LED. Also, replacing the memory module doesn't indicate removal of the system board. I suspect they missed a step, as it is most definitely required. And, it's NOT soldered on.

Some of the screenshots when referencing some of the various components and such show either Vista or Windows 7, so one of them will be supported. It's definitely NOT XP. There's also Linux screenshots as well.

WWAN will be available, but it apparently isn't yet. The WWAN card shown is a Sprint card, but I suspect others will be available.

The memory is only offered as 1 GB as it is not considered user serviceable. I'm betting that it will support 2 GB as long as it's not locked in the BIOS. After looking at the chassis, I don't get why they didn't make it user serviceable, but then again, some of the things I have seen Dell (as well as other OEMs) do make no sense to me whatsoever.

A 1024x600 display version will apparently be released post RTS. I will be all over that like a fat kid on a cupcake if they do actually release it (and I'm a fat kid, and I like cupcakes), and the 1024x576 drives me batshit crazy.

I already don't like the touchpad. I don't see specifics as to what it is, other than that it is single touch, not multi touch.

Based on the images, it's not a plastic base. Looks to be the same material all of the other Mini's are made out of.

On the memory note. I compared against the doc of the Mini 9/Inspiron 910, and it only indicated a max of 1 GB RAM as well.

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Default 05-18-2009, 04:23 PM

There is some contradictory info from the DSCE website in comparison to the offical Inspiron 1011 pdf linked above:

pdf doc lists Realtek ALC272 as used in the Mini10(v) instead of ALC268 Audio (DSCE) which is actually the audio chip used in Mini9 /Vostro A90...

Also, no 1024 x 600 display is listed as option in pdf although the website states this.

Tend to rule in favor of the pdf (until disproven) since the Mini9/Vostro A90 & Mini10(Inspiron 1010) official pdfs have held accurate so far and Dell's website has been show to be in error before depending on who updates the website that particular day...

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Default 05-18-2009, 04:34 PM

The flip side there though is that the above PDF was released in February. The DCSE materials were released only a couple of days ago. Plus, specs have been known to change. In reality, I'm taking both with a grain of salt until they start getting into our hands and we can verify ourselves.

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