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Default Screen is flickering black when system comes off standby - 04-17-2012, 09:46 AM

Hi all,

I had a problem where if systemcame off standby the screen would be black flickering. Very rarely I could swipe my hand over the trackpad and it would come back on but usually I had to turn off/on again.

I changed power options to:

Plugged in
Turn off monitor: Never
Turn off hard disks: Never
System Standby: Never

Running on batteries
Turn off monitor: After 5 mins
Turn off hard disks: After 5 mins
System Standby: Never

And things seemed okay but today when it was plugged in I opened the netbook and I got the screen problem, even turning on and off didn't fix. It was only the second time I took the battery out it worked again.

This was the picture when I opened the netbook: imgur: the simple image sharer

Here is one where I turned it off and on again: imgur: the simple image sharer

I can't embed pictures so you'll have to click the links, sorry.

I read in another thread something about it being when the netbook overheats but aren't PCs supposed to be designed to be kept on for long periods of time?

Thanks for any help

Edit: I just turned mine off and when I turned it back on I got the same problem... however after about ten seconds windows started up?
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Default 04-20-2012, 12:19 PM

Three days and one view? Wow... this forum is dead!
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