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Default Mini 10v Triple boot Win7 OSX and... Linux Mint?? - 09-22-2011, 03:22 PM

Has anyone been successful with this setup? I have tried 3 times using the Win7/OSX/Ubuntu Netbook Remix steps and all works well until after I resize the linux partition, add the swap and install. This seems to be changing the partition table in a way that I am not able to set the Win7 partition to active. I get a message that the disk is a GPT and it fails. I am going to try it with Ubuntu but I really wanted to use Linux Mint instead. I guess Ubuntu affects the partition table in a different way than Mint even though Mint is based on Ubuntu. Go figure.

Any and all suggestions gratefully accepted!
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Thumbs up Success! Triple boot working now. - 09-25-2011, 03:45 AM

I completed the install with Ubuntu 11.04 instead but the same procedure will work. Using this guide for the most part:

Triple Boot Videos and Guide Using Chameleon, OS X, Windows 7 & Ubuntu Netbook Remix

I wa getting hung up after the Linux install because the MBR table was being altered by the Linux installation preventing me from setting the Win 7 partition to active using diskpart. I researched using gptsync in Linux (there is also a version for OSX) to copy the GPT table to the MBR in a hybrid configuration.

In Linux (Mint and Ubuntu) you can install in the terminal with:

sudo apt-get install gptsync

After it is intalled you can run the command:

sudo gptsync /dev/sda 2+

meaning that the hard drive should be /dev/sda and partition 2 is the windows installation partition that you want to make active. This is to be done after the Linux installation and running netbookinstaller to the OSX partiton.

Once you have used gptsync you can switch the partition at any time using the Win 7 diskpart command.

I do have other tips on getting a mini 10v to OSX 10.6.8 after the endless reboot after heavy research as well. I think the legacy kernel is gone but I have it saved. Not sure is anyone else has it available.


Here are the steps I took (from a fully working 10.6.7 DM9):

1) Repair Disk Permissions

2) Download nawcom's legacy kernel and SleepEnabler, unzip both files and put them in your root folder

3) You will also need Kext Helper b7

4) Run NetbookInstaller Special (xxx2351)

5) Download and install 10.6.8 Combo Updater

6) When it is finished, let it reboot (do not run the NBI special again)

7) NBI special will run automatically (takes about 10 min) after reboot, and then you will get the reboot loop

8) Press shift key to get to the Chameleon prompt and type "recovery=yes"

9) Boot into safe mode, and rename legacy_kernel in your root directory and change owner

sudo mv /legacy_kernel-10.6.8 /mach_kernel
sudo chown root:wheel /mach_kernel
(if you want to, mark the file hidden with "SetFile -a V" or "chflags hidden")
10) Reboot again, and this time boot loop will be gone, we are in OS X, sound is working, but sleep is not. Now we need to fix the sleep crash.

11) Run Kext Helper and drop SleepEnabler.kext into its open window or icon

12) Finger crossed. Restart your Dell Mini the last time.

Update: I switched Ubuntu to Linux Mint 11 because Ubuntu was buggy on this netbook. There were occasional mouse freezes and it did not run smooth. I think the Unity desktop does not run well on the 10v hardware. Linux Mint is quick and seems to run better. It has all the same features and applications as Ubuntu.

Also, there is another thread discussing the 10.6.8 update suggesting using Pacifist for the update but I am not wanting to fix something that isn't broken. The update worked fine on the mini 9, just not the 10v.

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