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Default i messed my triple boot up - 05-08-2011, 09:25 PM

hi guys,

i read today through many topics to get my triple boot installed. just purchased an 1011 and wanted to get everything on it. macos, ubuntu and win7.

the best help for me were these links:]Triple[/url] boot with Chameleon bootloader Windows 7 | OS X 10.6 | Ubuntu 10.10 OSX86SV

i started win7 and created the partitions, restarted and booted from macos usb (Dalton63841's SnowyWindOSX Final (GUID/GPT). installed and when it wanted to reboot while install i changed to my win7 stick.
installing win7 as usual, shut down the machine and booted up my ubuntu 11.04 stick.
install of ubuntu was fine as well.

the next descriped step was to change the grub as it's not working properly otherwise.
instead of changing i got an error. the error was something like "it's not a good idea. blacklist is not good" or something like that (i googled at this time but couldn't find any clear description how to force this step...).

so i figured, who cares, i can do it later.
so i went back and finished the install of macOS (incl netbook installer for chameleon loader).

as soon as i went in my freshly installed macos i started the updateEFI, log out, log in.
start of combo update, while it was done (and the window "restart" still open) i opened update gpt, done in this one and restart in the combo update window.

restart of the computer and boot in mac: "please shut down your computer. you do this with pressing the power button until the amchine turns off" or something like this (in 4 languages).
the same problem i had the whole day with trying different installs. i believe it's becasue of the combo update...

boot was as followed:
macOS: turn off error
ubuntu: missing/wrong grub
windows: working fine

and at this time i was DAMN STUPID. i booted into windows and wanted to create my data partition (for creating a norton ghost image before messing with my nearly wokring partitons). while creating this one my windows assigned letters to all partitions and lost the own "c" letter.

so i tried again the netbookloaeder but it didn't find a partiton for it. so i went back to win7 install and changed the osx parition to active. tried "convert gpt" as well but it didn't let me.

now i can't boot anything. just reboots everytime. instead of showing any bootloader it goes back to the startup.

my partitons are as followed (or should be...):
1. EFI - 200mb
2. primary - 25GB (macos)
3. primary - 30gb (win7)
4. swap - 500mb (swap)
5. ext4 - 25gb (ubuntu 11.04)
6. unallocated (yes, stupid me tried to make an extended out of it and screwed everything up...)

could i have avoided this problem would i had created a FAT drive with ubuntu while install?

i will do all the steps again now to have a proper clean setup (where i don't do anything until my ghost image is safe!!!)

but may be you have some ideas why the update (hope it's just the update) makes problems and how to change the grub partition?

btw: i'm newbie with MacOS, good experienced with windows and a standard x-windows ubuntu user

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triple boot loader 1011

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