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Default my views and questions after 5 months on a 10v - 04-03-2010, 08:51 AM


I ve been reading different posts on the forum for a few months (and that community is really helpfull) but today I post my views and questions on the mini 10v.

I got my 10v in november 2009,
I use it for work (teaching) , to bring with me on holydays or even to watch movies in my bed.

It was delivered with XP SP3,fine..
I tried different ubuntu versions, I think they are really good but I ended getting a licence for seven pro 32bits and this is really the best thing I ve tried on that netbook. It s smooth, good looking and quite nice to use (I installed 2 Go before tho, cause I tried a similar netbook with 1Go and it s not as smooth with 7)

what i like :
-I like that netbook ! And I like it even better since I installed seven.

-I like the touchpad and the keyboard.

-I like the size (except for the 6c battery) and the weight , and the charger. And I like the time you can use it on battery.

-I like the F keys to be bypassed cause I use them less than the keys like battery,volume, brightness...

what I don't like :
-at 1st, I thought the 6 cell battery is awfull, but I have to say it s quite good, not only for the extra time you can use your computer but to have a little slope when you type is nice for your hands (like on most desktop keyborads) , to carry the netB (yes, it gives some grip!) and to cool it a bit with the airflow in fact, now I quite like it.

-I dont like the F2 key because you have to click on it and then use your mouse to activate/desactivate wifi as well (when samsung and asus turn it on/off alternatively : no second action with mouse)

-I think some other brand have a better finish (samsung N140 is great !!) but for the price , it s ok.and yes it s not resting properly on the table for me as well

-I hate the bright screen

-it can get quite hot sometime but that s the price to pay if you want silence, so it s fine.

-mine is black and thus, never clean, I d like a white one.

-I think i dont like space bar to be a little bit higher than the rest of the keyboard. Before changing the ram, it was quite uneven as well on the keyboard, O and P keys were a bit higher, giving a nice (not) wave shape. I suppose i did better placing back the keyboard than the person in the factory (I don t blame him cause he probably does that all day long )

finally, time for questions :
I got a desktop comp and the mini is not something on which I need a lot of space, so I really want to change the hard drive and install a SSD. Hopefully , before the end of 2010, the prices will be better. I think I could live with a 32 Go SSD or 40 Go max is fine.

I ve searched a bit and an intel 40 Go can be found just above 100€ here in France which is still a bit too much for a 250€ netbook but it should drop a bit maybe. I am a bit lost on size tho (2,5" for sure) but the thickness? I saw there are 7mm or 9,5mm sometimes and what is the link to use (SATA or mini pciexpress?)

cheers for replying and reading
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Default 04-03-2010, 01:29 PM

For the 10v, you want a SATA SSD. The Intel can be used for applications either as 9.5mm or 7mm - it has a plastic spacer that can be removed. 2.5" is the correct size.

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Default 04-03-2010, 05:57 PM

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