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Default halp! possible liquid damage - 02-12-2010, 03:25 AM

hey. i spilled the better part of a glass of cheapo wine on my 10v, mostly on the keyboard. i was streaming some itunes stuff through my airport while it happened. the tunes weren't interrupted, amazingly, but i still shut it off, took out the battery, turned it upside down and thoroughly wiped the exterior. i then popped off the wireless card, keyboard, palm rest, hd, and keyboard tray. the wine didn't seep in deeply, but i wiped out the whole thing just in case.

anyway, i powered it up, and it was fine except for a patch on the lcd that was a little brighter than the rest. not a big deal. i tried some internet and audio stuff, which worked fine. i was going to try ichat with my gf and her hackintosh just to make sure the other internal components all jived with each other, and then the thing powered off.

since then, it won't power on, and the power light will only illuminate when i have the adapter plugged in. this sucks incredibly hard.

please tell me i'm not just some hapless drunk who destroys everything he touches and that this is easily fixable. i love my hackintosh, and can't really budget out a new one right now.
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Default 02-12-2010, 04:50 PM

reopen it carefully and depart it.

Look on the platine, perhaps somewhere is a (wine)connection between two pins or cables or on the platin, then try to clean it up very carefully.

Good Luck. And dont drink and surf

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Default 02-14-2010, 03:34 AM

Had an experience like this: Spilled water all over the keyboard of my old laptop. Turns out the keys were all messed up so i just bought a wireless keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and turned it into a "desktop".

At least it wasn't expensive wine!

Yay me for my Dell mini 10v. 120gb.
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Default 02-14-2010, 04:36 AM

The problem with wine is it won't evaporate like water. It leaves residue behind. All you need is a minute amount to bridge the tiny gaps between the pins of a surface mount chip and *poof*, it might be just shorting it out, or it might have done real damage.

I had two clients pour red wine on their laptops in the last two months. It's not pretty. Luckily for them they both had Dell CompleteCare.

Getting an iPad
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Default 02-14-2010, 03:12 PM

If all else fails: disassemble as far as you can, have the parts (except the battery and the clock battery!) soaked in water for a day (you can add a mild detergent, e.g. dish-washing stuff), then rinse and dip *a lot* with fresh water to get rid of dried wine and detergent residues. Allow to dry for a week or so (at least a full day over a heater!). Assemble and -- Good luck!

The wine could have gone through even the tiniest cracks. I once fixed a Powerbook 160 (oh, the glorious old days, when you could feel the weight of your computing power ) where the orange juice was even inside the mouse buttons -- I had to open these tiny switches to clean the contacts.
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Default 02-15-2010, 03:16 PM

thanks for the tips. after disassembling, cleaning and drying, it appears that the issue is just the power button (all the other components work fine when tested with another mini). should be an easy fix.
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