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Default Battery wiggle on 3 new Mini 10v WTH? - 12-11-2009, 10:17 PM

Ok, I've searched the forums; read most threads related to this. I know about the carving, taping and other miscellaneous tricks people to get a snug fit. So, I guess this is more of a mini rant.

Just got three(3) Mini 10v today as gifts for my two daughters and one for my sister in-law. Pretty nice little laptop, except when it comes to the battery. All three are new (not referbs) and ordered all with the 6-cell batteries. All three have the often described jiggle. Either I have the worst luck, too picky or just not forgiving enough.

I've had Dell laptops my whole life. The one I'm on now (XPS m1330) is great. Yes, I've had laptops from Dell and other makers that had slightly loose batteries (or none at all like my current one)...but is this really that common with this model? I know at a under $300.00 per I should not expect the best. But could not one of the 12 year olds making this at the factory speak up and let QC know that this is half assed?

Other than that all three had the "glue" residue on the cover (easily cleaned off) and no other noticeable cosmetic issues. They all run fine. Just a little disappointed with the build quality when it comes to the battery connections/latches.

EDIT: the issue in the locking latch...the one slides into place to hold the battery (left side lock if laptop is flipped over and battery is facing user). The spring loaded one is fine and holds the battery tight on the other side. The non-spring loaded one is way loose (to much play when moved) and is the sole reason on all three of mine.

Funny thing is most people would return a $300.00 smart phone or some other piece of tech if they noticed an I'll fitting piece on it. But with laptops it seems the old DIY mentality kicks in and a lot of us settle for $2.00 solutions. I'm just as guilty.

"Why not send them back if you are not happy?"

Because if I got 3 like this...there is an above average chance I'll get more the same. And as Christmas gifts, my time is a bit tight now.

I will go with the black electric tape route and "fix" these.

Oh well...thanks for letting me vent.
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Default 12-20-2009, 05:35 AM

i got the same problem and i hate that... and i fixed with a Qtip thingy(i cut it out) to lock the latch
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Default 12-21-2009, 12:54 AM

Here is what i discovered after having my mini sent back for replacement. I kept the battery of the original and compared it to the replacement. The replacement is snug and doesn't wiggle. I looked the batteries over and the places where they lock on the battery are totally different. This leads me to believe the batteries are from two different factories with different molds. I would send them back and say you want a different machine. Because I at first had them send a replacement battery and that came the same way as the original one.
I will post pictures of the two batteries soon.

Its not the computer because I have 2 batteries and one is loose and the other is not.
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Default 12-25-2009, 09:00 PM

I just put a piece of black electrical tape along the back where the battery sits against the housing, cut it straight on both sides and one cannot even tell it’s there by looking at it unless I point it out. It blends in perfect and, best off all it holds the battery rock solid. Took all of 3 mins to do.

Sending back can be a pain (only as I may just get back a unit with the same problem). Plus I spent a lot of time updating all 3 with the latest updates and drivers ect, I have some time invested already.

Kids loved them when they opened them this morning. Been on them all day so far. 6-cell is the only way to go with these.

Besides the battery issue these really are nice little net books.
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Default 12-28-2009, 02:04 PM

I had that after tearing apart my 10v to upgrade the RAM. One thing I noticed, I forgot to lock one of the battery clips after reinstalling the battery. She's pretty snug now.
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