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Default Mini 10v battery problems? 3 cell - 12-01-2009, 04:34 PM

Hey guys, I've noticed that my mini 10v has been getting less than normal battery life lately. So today I decided to check it out, I just took it off the charger, after a full charge maybe 10 minutes ago and already the battery is at 88% with 49minutes remaining, i was wondering if maybe there was a setting that i may have changed to drastically have reduced the battery life, or if the battery was just going bad. I reset all battery options to default and still nothing, just wanted to make sure i am not skipping something.

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Default 12-01-2009, 05:47 PM

Defected battery? or maybe your over charging it. Also, which operating system are you running?

10v | OS X 10.6.2 | 1GB RAM | BIOS A05 | NBI RC5
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Default 12-01-2009, 05:49 PM

if anything i would think i am over charging it, is this something that can be corrected or is it too late for that? pardon my n00b. i am also running windows7 rc
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Default 02-08-2010, 11:34 PM

The same has happened to me now. I am running ubuntu and my battery gets worse and worse rapidly. It has only 50 minutes of battery life anymore.

The problem is that it will newer get fully carged. it charges up to 95% and says "charging time 5 minutes" forever - but it will never reach to 100%. And it will charge forever.

Does this mean it gets overcharged? My battery monitor tells me the following information:

Status: Charging
Percentage charge: 95.0%
Vendor: Dell
Technology: Lithium ion
Serial number: 11
Charge time: 2 minutes
Capacity: 29% (Poor)
Current charge: 6.9 Wh
Last full charge: 7.3 Wh
Design charge: 24.4 Wh
Charge rate: 9.9 W
Those numbers get worse each time i charge my battery.

Now my question. What software does control the charging? The OS, the Bios or some firmware inside the battery?

If it is the OS, is it possible that a messed up energy setting can be responsible for this and destroyed my battery because of missconfiguration?

Or is it just a simple Hardware issue?
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