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Thumbs up My quick review of the Mini 10v, after a few days of use - 11-06-2009, 04:02 PM

Background: Old IT guy with several systems - I7 with Ubuntu / Win7, a few old DELLs (one being a Hackintosh) and a EEE 900HA netbook that was running XP / Win7 / Ubuntu. This Mini 10v is replacing my 900HA, and I bought a copy of SL to make it as legit as possible :-) Been using Windows / MacOS for many years, so experience with both as well as Linux.

DELL MINI 10V setup
1.66 GHz, 1GB Ram
500 GB HDD upgrade
BIOS A05 (Downgraded from A06)
Netbook-Installer 0.8.3rc3
MacOS 10.6.1 / Windows 7 dual-boot

I've been running this a few days, and added a number of apps to make it fully functional - mostly open source like Neo Office, Fugu, MPlayer, FBReader,and JaJuk. My expectations are to use this for music, video playback and basic web / office related tasks. Essentially, a large PDA.

Hardware: I'm very happy with it, overall. The larger screen / keyboard is an improvement over my 900HA, and I like the LCD finish. It's slim, and also very quiet in comparison to the EEE. Minor complaints: The trackpad seems a bit wonky in both MacOS and Win7 (even with the additional drivers). I probably just need to get used to it, though. Second, I miss the extra LEDs from my EEE (like the HDD and wireless indicators). Third, I would have preferred the SD slot to be deeper into the chassis. But, these are all minor complaints.

MacOS: I had specific expectations given what I had read online before purchase, and I am not disappointed, so far. Given some research and following a few specific guides, the MacOS install was relatively painless and worked well at the first attempt (I expected at least one failure, given my inexperience). It's not the fastest portable, it's a netbook and it shouldn't be assumed that it can run CPU intensive apps or multi-task a dozen apps at a time. I like the fact that the desktop effects are working, which is pretty impressive given its video chipset. I have similar results on the Windows 7 side, as well.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase, and SL performance. I still have things to test like the mic, webcam, and Bluetooth. But all the basics are working just fine. Many thanks to all the helpful posts on this board, btw!
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Default 11-07-2009, 05:54 AM

i am very surprised at how well my dell mini 10v works using snow leopard. it was so slow when i first got it using windows XP..snow leopard runs a lot faster, i love it!
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mini 10v macos review

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