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Default Noob Question! - 11-05-2009, 02:33 AM

Hi All,

My girlfriend has wanted a purple netbook for quite some time, so this evening I ordered a purple Dell Inspiron Mini 10v. I am from Canada, and the store only gave me the option for 1GB of ram. I chose to go with windows 7, and I would also like to upgrade the ram to 2GB if possible.

My question, is this latest incarnation of 10v (the one in the Canada store) able to take 2GB of ram, and if so, which speed should I go with.

I've upgrade the ram in my Macbook, and my iBook before that, so I think I can manage the procedure no problem. Just want to be sure about the upgrade before I purchase any ram.

Thanks so much
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Default 11-05-2009, 02:58 AM

Hello. I'll try to answer your questions.

As far as I know, ALL Mini 10v's have a single RAM slot (laptop DDR2), that accepts up to 2GB. There are no crippled or superior models/versions/revisions of the 10v.

As for speed, if you have the N270 CPU, PC2-4200/533MHz or faster is fine (it'll all be limited to PC2-4200/533MHz in the Mini). I think the Mini 10v with N280 CPU has the same speed limit, but I'm not sure.

Upgrading the RAM in a Mini 10v is difficult, but you say you've upgraded Mac laptops, which tend to be difficult as well.

Good luck.

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Default 11-05-2009, 10:27 PM

Originally Posted by reflex View Post
Upgrading the RAM in a Mini 10v is difficult, but you say you've upgraded Mac laptops, which tend to be difficult as well.
Upgrading ram in a modern mac laptop is as easy a opening a flap. Upgrading it on the mini is open heart surgery if you're not (a) experienced with taking laptops all the way apart and/or (b) fearless (ignorant and a large wallet also work ). It's a bit of work to do it, but there are several very good videos on it - do a forum search and you will find them.
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Default 11-05-2009, 11:02 PM

The iBook G4s were really easy to upgrade the RAM, you pop up the keyboard(Had 2 little spring loaded tabs you pull), unscrew either 1 or 3 screws(i forgot), and theres the RAM slot. HD you had to take half the thing apart
First Macbooks(plastic white or black ones) were pretty easy for both HD and RAM. You take out the battery and remove a cover and theres the RAM and the HD.
Newer ones are a bit more of a pain.

If you youtube search "Dell Mini 10v Ram Upgrade" you'll find a tutorial, it's not too hard as long as you take your time and are careful.
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Default 11-06-2009, 12:54 AM

I upgraded my 10v to 2GB last night, and it was really much easier than I expected. I watched two videos on YT beforehand. When it was time to actually do the install, I had one of the videos playing on a laptop next to me, and I just paused it between steps. Total time for the RAM upgrade was < 30 minutes. DO have a #0 Philips screwdriver at hand. A very (!) small flat blade screwdriver is also helpful for prying loose some of the ribbon cable retainers. A credit card or other thin flat piece of plastic is also helpful for prying on the plastic case and substructure of Mini without marring it.

In summary, while it may look quite complicated, it really isn't too bad.

BTW, of the several videos on YT, the one posted by MyDellMini's own Anguish has the better method, IMHO, as his method installs the RAM without having to disconnect all of the cables to the motherboard. However, his hands are big and his camera angle isn't ideal, so you can't always see the exact part he is referring to. There is another series of three videos posted by someone else who removes the motherboard entirely. His videos have excellent camera angles and are definitely worth viewing for reference.
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