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The $260 Kingston I was talking about was the 128GB version which I actually scored one for $209 at Fry's in Phoenix on my recent trip here.....I need at least 120 GB since I plan on dual or triple booting my new system.

Also, everyone is all up in arms about the trim compatibility....You have to remember just because it doesn't have it now doesn't mean it won't have it and many models like my corsair do the same type of thing with the current firmware when idle without need for trim..Also, what about Mac systems? Trim is not the end all be all and as SSD prices get cheaper and more common you will see plenty of software to do this...Just look at how many defrag tools there are out today....Also, yes performance may degrade or the drive may wear but SSD just hasn't been out long enough to see how much.....Most of the thinking is still theoretical at this point..Granted the theory is backed by credible evidence and sound thinking...I don't believe things till I see them....We can talk theory all day long and have good evidence to back it up but until you see the actual results, you just don't know..Theories have been wrong before..... .Being an early adopter of tech always has it's risks but then again being an early adoptor has been a hobby of mine....Sure I sit a year later and wonder why I paid 3 times the money but then again I had it a year earlier than everyone....If I sat around an waited for the right time, never would be the right time....It's all about when it's the right time for you.
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