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Default Using a Dell 10v with a French internet Key - 09-05-2009, 10:54 AM

I live in France but am American and want to buy a Dell 10v in the US to use in France (cheaper in the US and it will be in English instead of French). However, I have a Lenovo laptop that gets wifi in the US but I can't get wifi with it in France so I'm concerned there is some difference in configurations between US based and France based laptops/minibooks. I would buy a French phone company internet key here to use with the US Dell 10v. Will it work?

Last night I chatted with Dell customer service and asked this exact question and I was told "THEY DIDNT KNOW THE ANSWER." And they weren't willing to find the answer for me. They just gave me some French phone number to call. Well, if they can't answer me I can guarantee the French folks can't either because they are worthless at customer service when it comes to computers. I know that already from buying a computer here - they'll just make up the answers to sell something if they don't know the real answer. Wasted $1,100 that way.

So can someone please tell me from experience using their Dell in France with a french internet key if these are compatible? Thanks a billion.
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Default 09-05-2009, 01:58 PM

The only issue I can think of is that in the US you are limited to channels 1-11 (on 2.4GHz) and in Europe you can use channels 1-13 so if the wireless router happened to be configured for channels 12 or 13 you would not be able to see it. With some wireless adapters you can change the region setting to "Europe" so that it would then see all 13 channels. If you can't do this then you can just buy a replacement internal wireless adapter - I can recommend the Intel 5300 card which is very cheap to buy off eBay from China or HK sellers. If you buy a Mini 10 or 10v then you will need the "half-height" version of the wireless adapter - you just unscrew a small panel on the base of the laptop and swap the cards.

I assume you are using "wifi" to mean 802.11 wireless internet and not 3G wireless internet (i.e. using a sim card) which is different and typically won't work abroad though you can probably just buy a French 3G sim card.

- Simon.

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Default French Internet Key work with my US Dell Mini? - 09-07-2009, 08:33 PM

Simon, thanks for your reply. I have to admit it sounds a lot like Greek to me. To simplify things, the main question I have is if I buy a French phone company internet key here and use it with my US purchased Dell mini, will it work and will I get internet as though I had bought a Dell mini in France? The benefit for me to buy it in the US is that it would be in English and a bit cheaper, given the decreased value of the dollar. Dell customer service couldn't answer that question for me so I would really love to get your expertise. Thanks, Cynthia
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Default 09-07-2009, 11:46 PM

I don't see why it wouldn't work since it is a usb key... that would make no sense to have usb internet keys not wrking with computer from the states as they would loose all those consultants business that work overseas and are avid user of those devices.


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