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Default mini 9 is out, looks like im going for a mini 10v - 08-02-2009, 07:42 AM

soon after posting a thread in the mini 9 section looking for answers to final questions i had about the mini 9, i disqualified its use myself.

the relevant parts of the original post-

Hey guys, new to the forum, already screwed up once. this is the first post, but the second attempt. thought i was logged in, the forum decided i was not, and lost all my hard work from the first post

Well, here we go again.
First, a Bit of Background. I'm 17, going into my senior year at a New England Boarding School, and I'm from Massachusetts. I have a decent level of technical ability with both Mac and Windows. I have a 3 year old (almost exactly) Macbook Pro that is beginning to die on me. keys have come off, and the disc drive doesn't work (thats my fault though, fell off the top bunk freshman year). My interest in the Dell Mini 10v is not as a replacement to this however.

The Mini would be a joint custody between my younger brother and my dad. my brother's school gives him a macbook for the four years he goes there and he gets to keep it at the end. unfortunately, they take it back over the summer. When my brother is home, the mini would be in use by him for ichat, web-browsing, basic stuff. When my brother is not home, it would be in use by my dad at the job-site, as a lightweight show-the-clients-pretty-pictures computer and maybe some mild web browsing.

If all goes as planned, the Mini would have Leopard installed and then also have a partition of XP. (OSX for bro, XP for dad)

I just have some final questions. Im basically double-checking to make sure i don't waste any of my dads money

1) What would be the easiest way to install osx onto the mini? as mentioned above, my MBP's disc drive is kaputt, and while its not the only computer in the house, its the only mac. I plan on buying an 16gb+ flash from newegg soon, so that wouldn't be an issue (im pretty sure i need one of fair size for this, right?)

2) I am not above downloading pirated software (assuming i could find it in the first place). I mean, Hackintoshing the mini 10v is just one form of that anyway. My main point is whether pirated copies are worth the hassle. If i can save the $$ for xp and the $$ for leopard, is it worth it? Or is getting around the system updates and stuff too much of a pita?

3) Does the Mini 9 have to use an SSD? Or will a bigger, cheaper standard HD suffice? For instance, this one? It costs almost the same as an SSD upgrade from dell but with much more storage

... remove mini 9 only relevant stuff from here...

thank you for reading though my very long first post (lets hope it works this time ), and I look forward to any constructive replies I get. I tried to be as intelligible as I could, I think I managed to pull it off

it was number three that did in the mini 9 for me. the price of SSD vs its storage capacity was just not doable for me. so it looks like the mini 10v is the choice for me.

however, i could still use answers to questions 1 & 2. could i get a hand with these? thanks
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