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Default Moral Dilemma: Give 10v or 9 as a Gift? - 07-18-2009, 02:20 PM

Hey all,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I'm in a moral dilemma. Both my 10v ($287) and 9 ($309) are running OSX with exact same specs: 16GB SSD, 1 GB, 1.3 camera, black. Both of them are running 100% OS X with everything working perfectly (thank you forums!). Only difference between the 2 is the 10v has the a/g/n card and the 6 cell battery.

I know, I know...get on with it!

I got the 10v yesterday with the intention on giving the 9 to my sister as a birthday present. I've been using the 9 for a couple months and loved it but, being a tinkerer, I wanted the latest/greatest for myself.

ANYWAY, I'm wondering which I should give her now because I hate the 6 cell battery on the 10v and the trackpad is growing on me, so I consider that null. I could get a 3 cell battery, but that ups my overall price to at least $60 more.

I know what you're saying: just give her the 10v....but I do love them both so much and pretty damn equally. The battery issue isn't over-comable so I'm considering that moot too.

I guess for me it comes down to size/weight. I originally got the 9 to replace my MBP 15" cause I only used the MBP for surfing and AIM...which I thought was a pathetic use of its power so I sold it.

As for size/weight, I don't think the 10v is that much larger, heavier (assuming when I replace the damn battery).

As far as my sister...she's pretty much a computer newbie and I wanted to give her something she wouldn't buy on her own (too expensive) that she's also find useful. She uses the internet (as far as I know) and has an email address and AIM, but I don't think she uses them that much. I gave her a laptop before, but it was my first one, a PowerBook 1400cs. And that is not useful anymore at all.

I know I'm rambling and maybe just talking it out but whichever I give as a gift, I feel I'm losing a part of me and it's important to me that she really like it.

What are your experiences/suggestions?

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Default 07-18-2009, 04:24 PM

I would give her the 10v. It doesn't look like Dell or other companies are going to make few, if any 9" ones anymore, but they will continue to make other 10" ones. So if you regret your decision later on, your decision later on, it will be easier to get another 10" one than a 9" one.
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