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Default 08-03-2009, 06:01 AM

I'm going to start a new thread (just wanted to post it here first since it seems to be applicable) because I've been working the network issue for the last couple of days. I've determined that the 1510 in the 10v with a 270 processor and Win7’s latest driver will connect with my N router at 270 Meg reliably. If I bump the router down to G speed, it connects at 130, again reliably. The 10v I just received with the 280 processor had a 1397 card and it worked well. But then I changed it out for a 1510 and it had all kinds of issues. After a lot of card swapping, OS swapping, HD swapping, and router setup, I've determined the following:

The 10v 270 has no issues running at G or N speeds when set to WPA2 with AES (and the router set the same of course.) It really has no networking issues at all except it sometimes is a little hard to get back online after a reboot. All these tests were with Win 7 RC1 running the latest Win7 driver for the 10v downloaded using Windows Update.

The 10v 280 on the other hand, with win 7 and the latest driver will not connect in N mode. It will connect in G mode at 130 but in N mode it would sometimes connect, but the speeds would be terribly slow, like less than 10 Meg. I would have to slow the router down to G mode to get it to connect reliably. In G mode it would connect very reliably (except for the hard to reconnect after reboot issue, but this issue was rare) at 130 and work all day with no issues. But as soon as I bump the router back up to N speed, it would fail.

Some observations:

With the driver that Win 7 loads upon initial installation for the 1510, connections are slow, about half speed. After doing updates and letting Win7 load the latest 1510 driver, the speeds come up and the 1510 runs correctly (on the 270).

With XP on the 280 the 1510 never achieves N speed. It does run reliably at 130 no matter how the router is set. It seems to ignore the change when you tell the router to run at N speeds where as with Win7 when you set the router to N speeds the 270 bumps it's speed up to 270 and runs fine but the 280 just craps out and can't connect or connects for a short time but can't do anything and eventually craps out.

I wonder if the 280 running the faster buss speed causes the 1510 to fail, in other words the 1510 can't run the faster buss speed. So dell finds this to be true and rigs XP to only run the 1510 in G mode on the 280?

So my question is, does anybody have the 1510 running at N speeds in a 280 equipped machine?

I hope this has been helpful and thanks in advance for any info.
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Default 08-03-2009, 03:05 PM

is the 1397 card compatible with OSX?
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Default 08-04-2009, 05:04 AM

Originally Posted by wethead4 View Post
is the 1397 card compatible with OSX?
I don't think it is, but Anguish or one of the OSX guys should be able to tell you for sure.
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