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Unhappy Mini 10v OSX 10.6.7: No Wireless - 05-12-2013, 06:37 AM

Here's one for you...

My first Dell Mini 10v running OSX 10.6.7 went fine. I made the change from Bios A06 to Bios A04. I even made it a dual-boot with Windows XP using guides I found here. After months of not using XP on the machine, I wiped and re-built for OSX 10.6.7 only. Still going fine, though I find that if I boot with headphones plugged in, it doesn't see the sound card and I have to reboot. Easy fix: wait to plug in the headphones. That would be my only issue there. I even have it talking wirelessly to my Windows 7 Gateway netbook. Cool.

So I got another 10v. I used the USB (no CD) method. Currently I have three USB fash drives dedicated to my Dell Mini 10v's. A 16G with the installation media, another 16G partitioned and made with it's own OSX 10.6 operating system, and a 4G for my NBI 8.4 startup.

I read a few guides and posts here that stated the Bios A06-A04 downgrade was no longer necessary and there seem to be plenty of folks posting here using 10.6.7 with Bios A06.

I began the project trying to make a dual-boot with Windows 7. No real love there - more of an annoyance. So I gave up the Windows 7 portion. As stated, I have another Win7 netbook so, whatever.

I began again and everything was going fine. Somewhere in the process of upgrading to 10.6.7, I lost my wireless. The Airport is listed but cannot be switched on. I have tried running NBI 351, NBI 8.4, and NBI 8.5pre. NBI 351 makes my video black and white with no text and 8.5pre kills everything and throws me into reboot loop.

So I boot into my OSX flash drive and run NBI 8.4 on the main HD to regain control, all of which ends up working except the wireless.

But here's the weird part.

When I boot into my Mac OSX USB flash drive instead of the Dell's internal drive, the wireless card works fine. When I boot into the Dell's OSX, no wireless.

So... can someone tell me how to make my wireless card work on the machine itself and not only with the flash drive OSX? I already tried removing AirPort from the network list, hoping it would see it again so I could re-add... it does not see it. I can't tell if Ethernet is working... trying that now... but it doesn't really look good.

Suggestions? I use this for QLab audio playback and theatrical show control so I don't really need the wireless but it helps for transferring files (and also for allowing me to control it remotely using my iPod Touch).

You folks are amazing and this forum has done wonderful things for me... please help!

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PROBLEM MACHINE: Dell Mini 10v / OSX 10.6.7 / 1G Ram / Bios A06
WORKING MACHINE: Dell Mini 10v / OSX 10.6.7 / 1G RAM / Bios A04
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Default 05-13-2013, 08:23 PM

I would boot the machine with your installer usb and operating usb attached, boot the installer and use disk utility to restore the operating system to your hard drive. You will probably have to use the installer to boot your hard drive after so that you can re-install a boot loader. I recommend Chimera 1.11.1

Dell inspiron mini 1011
Ubuntu 13.04
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Default 05-17-2013, 09:51 PM

To add a new level of weird, the time and date was off by four and a half hours or so and because I figured a reinstallation might be coming, I never set the time and date myself. During the course of a two-hour performance, with the machine sitting untouched as a backup unit, the date and time synchronized with my working Dell OSX machine. I mean really synchronized... they were changing at the same time.

I will try your suggestion... I suspect the wireless card is alive in there and talking with the OS on some level but something happened during the 10.6.7 combo update to make it read funky.
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airport wireless broken, dell mini 10v wifi, osx 10.6.7

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