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Default Possible to update an HDD with usb? - 09-13-2011, 03:09 AM

I'm on 10.5.8 on my HDD that isn't working properly, and was wondering if anyone here knew if i can get into the HDD with a bootable USB that's got OSX on a 10.6 osx w/ NBI etc...

If anything could i at least get into the install process and update a hanging 10.5.8 into a working

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Default 09-13-2011, 03:37 AM

Even on a real Mac, Apple always recommended a fresh install to 10.6.X from 10.5.X over an update.

You can try to just do an update if you have a prepped 10.6.X USB thumb drive, but in my experience it resulted in several issues and an unreliable machine overall.

Likewise, using NBI on an older install method (Boot123, DellMiniBoot, etc) caused many issues back when NBI first came out, as I recall. Best not to mix the two on one system.

I seem to remember a post about using a live Linux distro on a USB stick to allow you to recover any data on a non-booting OSX install, but I'm a Linux know nothing.

If you are just wanting a machine booting into OS X and don't care about your current data, your quickest, easiest bet would be a fresh install.

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Default 09-13-2011, 03:06 PM

What are you wanting to do, make sure you don't lose your data?

Using a USB drive with OS X installed on it, I don't see why you couldn't access the hard drive data (except in the case the hard drive is corrupt, wise I could see no reason why it wouldn't work).

You could also try a Linux distro on a USB stick (LiveUSB). Linux can access OS X formatted partitions (HFS+). I personally like Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 because all the hardware works with it, and it fit on my 2GB SD card.

Either way, I agree you should back up your stuff and install 10.6.x fresh as opposed to upgrading from 10.5.x... Not to mention if the upgrade still leaves your machine hanging, you'll have to do it anyway.
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