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Unhappy Startup Disk Full causing Boot Freezeup - 08-26-2011, 07:09 PM

Sorry to barge in with a new (redundant?) thread, but it seems that if this issue was already adressed, I`cant find it. If you could point me to the relevant thread, TIA.

I downloaded the XCode installer (4GB) to my Dell mini 10v (OS10.6.2) and that filled up my HD completely (the OS10.6.2, was working fine albeit a bit slow till then). So now it won`t finish booting: It gets past the NetBook BootMaker boot, the grey Apple screen with turning gear, finally shows the standard OS10.6 background desktop screen, and then displays the log in dialog where it asks for usernames and passwords (I`m the administrator). I type my username and PW, and then it posts the message "Your Startup Disk is Full." I click OK and then it just hangs there, displaying the background screen with no desktop files. I know why: I choked it out by downloading that 4GB file, and now it can`t write to the fully-loaded disk.

I don`t mind reinstalling from my OS10.6 Retail disk (I used MechDrew`s guide with the NetBook boot maker), but I want to pull my important files off the HD first.

So: how can I externally boot into the Mini10v and pull my files over to an external disk, or over to my MacBook Pro (OS10.6.8)? Or at least delete that last downloaded file so that it can re-boot itself normally?

I have a 16GB SSD (USB), but have had no luck getting the Mini10v to recognise it.

I am not proficient with command-line operations, but I can copy them into the Terminal window and execute them just like any copy/paste.

BTW I read on one of the Apple kb files that you should keep 40% of disk space free so the OS10.6 is not "squeezed"....(!) That`s 64GB on the Mini10v!!!!!

That sure explains why the NetBook was running slowly before it froze up..

If you want to know _why_ this happened, it`s because I wanted to install the latest version of Ruby, to learn some programming, and I was under the impression you need XCode to install Ruby`s support files.

TIA ;-)
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Default 08-27-2011, 02:56 PM

You should be able to use your SL usb install to boot into disk utility and take off what you want.
Turn on computer with SL usb install in place.
Boot off the usb and you will see two choices:
Choose the install usb.
Apple will appear and loading pinwheel. This will take several minutes to load.
Mac OSX loads, choose language.
Now you're on the Install Mac OS X page. It tells you to repair your disk using Disk Utility, restore your computer from a Time Machine backup, or perform other tasks using utilizes, choose an option from the Utilities Menu (top toolbar)
You should have nine options under Utilities, hopefully this will help you.
Then you would need to re-install SL as you had previously, unless you can remove the program you loaded.
When finished with the Mac OS X installer, quit the installer.
Hope this is helpful.
Remember, as in my signature to Always Back Up Your Work BEFORE installing any programs to an already working system.

Mini 10v/1GB RAM/160GB HD/ BIOS A06/SL 10.6.6
Mini 9 /2GB RAM/ 16GB SSD/BIOS A05/SL 10.6.6
OSX Installation via USB & Mac
NBMaker 0.8.4.RC1 / NBI 20100616212351
"Remember to back up your hard earned work with a boot-able disc BEFORE upgrading!"
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Default Startup Disk Full causing Boot Freezeup - 08-27-2011, 06:04 PM

UNCNDL1 suggested booting into the Mini10v with the SnowLeopard install disk in place, using DiskUtility and cleaning out the HDD that way:

Thanks for that... sometimes when lost in the forest, you panic. All I could think of was the x-ray pics on the computer that hadn't been backed up....

Lesson 1: Time machine backup every night! (I'll find a better way: Retrospect?).

Lesson 2: I had thought the NetBook would not recognize the SL disk unless the NetBookBootMaker app had modified its image, so I didn't think the SL disk method would work. After your advice, now I know it _will_.

What _did_ work:

I was setting up to try to access the Mini10v via EtherNet cable to the MacBook Pro, when I noticed that the Mini10v was showing up in the finder window under Devices. (WiFi LAN connectivity was always a possibility but I missed it).

WiFi connectivity had been there for hours, but I didn't twig....

So I simply clicked on the link, which signed me in as "Guest", chose to sign in as the administrator with my PW for the Mini10v, and....

the whole friggin' Mini10v HDD showed up as a window on the desktop...

I simply went to my Downloads folder, deleted the last item (XCode install zip file) and now I have 4GB of elbow room. As soon as I trashed that file, the Mini10v splashed a dialog saying "Your Startup Disk is almost full...".

I logged out on the MacBook Pro, restarted the Mini10v ( it took longer than normal to boot up), but I finally got to a fully functional Desktop. So now I have some HDD cleanup to do. There are apps that rank your files as to size and importance. I'll get one of those and clean up the HDD.

If there are issues that pop up, I _will_ reinstall with the newest NetBook BootMaker, to upgrade to 10.6.4.

So, what I learned:

0) BACKUPs of OS and data.

1) OS.10.6.2 WILL NOT PREVENT you from filling the disk to the brim with downloads (it won't protect its private write space), so the idea of leaving 40% of disk space empty is worth considering.

2) the OS 10.6.2 _was_ functioning all along, just without a Desktop, so the WiFi was working normally.

3) Local access via WiFi with a real Mac is a good, non-invasive way to correct this and similar problems.

Thanks for the input, and HTH to someone with similar issues.
Cheers ;-)

---------- Post added at 02:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:53 PM ----------

Sorry! I misread: UNCNDL1 suggested booting into the Mini10v with the SnowLeopard install USB SSD modified disk image in place.

That isn't how I installed: I was _never_ able to restore the OS 10.6 Installer onto my 16GB usb key (Transcend). It would always bomb about 75% of the way to the end with DiskUtility saying "Cannot allocate memory". NetBook BootMaker would not convert that partially-installed SSD into a workable install.

I used a CD image of NetBook BootMaker, and my OS 10.6 install disk via a CD-DVD reader/writer, alternately inserting/ejecting between them as per one of MechDrew's guides.

So I never had a modified OS10.6 install USB SSD to use. (He recommends Cruzer equipment with the OEM software deleted).

What _might_ have worked: Waiting for the grey screen to appear, pressing "C" and seeing if the Mini10v would recognize the Install Disk in the DVD reader/writer.

One question: Is it possible to burn a BootMaker-modified DVD image of OS 10.6 to DVD and then boot that off the CD-DVD reader/writer?

Thanks again

Cheers ;-)
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preventing boot, startup disk full

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