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Exclamation (Un)-official No Audio Solution Thread - 02-18-2011, 12:27 AM


Hello users and guests at!

You are probably here from a search result because you have no audio on your Hackintosh...

Ok I'll start off to give this a realistic look.

What's happening is my Dell Mini 10v with 10.6.4 SL is that the audio does not always work, and after restarts still refuses to work.

Now you may be thinking that I did something wrong during installation, or didn't run the NBI installer.

The thing is what I'm noticing from my Dell Mini 10 is that the audio 'cuts out' or 'sleeps' after a certain time of being idle. E.g; Not making a sound for 10 seconds.

What I see is this is easily noticable with earphones, you hear the click-pp of the audio turning off, and the dead silence.

Well, I have a full list of fix-it solutions which may likely help your issues! NOTE: Not all of these solutions may work in your case.

If your audio is grayed out/no audio devices
Please try these options!

  • Open the sound preferences pane. Click the 'output' tab, when this area is open and you see 'no input devices' in the selection box, plug in a set of speakers. E.g; headphones, earphones, etc. And your headphones will appear in the box. Tap the 'volume up' button, to make sure you have volume now, and then unplug your ext headphones and tap the volume button again. OSX should automatically 're-detect' your audio device.
  • Tap your volume button AS SOON AS you first see the audio icon appear. It may not do much, but it's just a test to see if your audio is working upon boot before finding yourself when you cannot play Quicktime Videos or iTunes and wondering what's wrong with the application.
  • Update and re-run the NBI installer on your Hackintosh. Most likely you will get your audio back.
  • (Re)-install your AppleHDA.kext file to your Extensions directory. This is know to help as sometimes this file is missed at boot, causing the audio to not be 'visible'.

Friendly-User tips

As a former Dell Mini 10v OSx86 user, I can only tell you one thing...
Do NOT mute your Hackintosh! This is a cause for disaster! Or atleast for me it was more than it should have been, as for me I got No webcam detected in Photo Booth, no mic detected, and Safari would always freeze upon trying to play any videos (except flash).

Don't have any headphones or speakers plugged into your Headphone jack while your hackintosh machine is booting, and you already have built-in sound. For me this just resulted in no at all sound, and I had to reboot to fix this problem. Plug them in afterwards following the the second half of the first instruction if you have no sound. Open your sound preference pane and go to output, then plug them in!


Please note that these steps may not be the same and produce the same results listed here on OSx86 Virtual Machines, as they may use a completely different (and even incompatible) audio driver, such as in VirtualBox etc...

@Moderators: Please feel free to sticky this thread as I put a lot of work into this thread to make it important to the OSx86 community.

Thank you and I hope that many of you have got answers to your problems and that my solutions posted helped you.

As a first-time here user, please do not antagonize me and insult me for my work, all I was trying to do was be helpful to the hackintosh community and list options for those who may be having similar problems!

Please feel free to post suggestions and/or commentary on my topic here. I'd love to add more to this list here, incase other users need help and none of these answers just don't do it for them.
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