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Default Any OS X upgrade has been a no-brainer - 01-19-2011, 10:54 PM

As you noticed, I have been here about 8 months and few posts, after my initial baptism into MACinDELL. I have read, and read, and read from those smarter than I. I also observed those that believe they are smarter than OS X, MEKLORT, MECHDREW, and the knowledgable individuals that provide insight and wisdom to this forum. My hat is off to you that turn your knowledge to productivity instead of destructivity. Following those who go before me is a very wise decision. I do nothing to be a pioneer in this adventure of intelligence. My intent of this post is to give the newbies, as myself, some observations. Read, Read, and Read some more. I do not use anything but the latest, MEKLORT released NBI. I am stuck at NBI ending in ...12351. If I remember correctly, it corrected the space requirement for 6.4 or 6.5 OS update. No BETA's for me. I have not lost any capability following basic principles - follow the leader of success. I always run the latest 'verified- released' NBI prior to any OS X update. I started with SL 10.6.0 and am now 10.6.6 without a loss of capability or time. I run the latest 'verified-released' NBI after an OS X update, if it doesn't run automagically as it typically does. I have an image backup/alternate boot drive (USB external 500GB) used as Time machine when not the OS drive. I keep it one version behind for about two weeks, then after I feel confident, I boot from it and apply the update. Please, don't make this difficult, because it is not.
One additional thing - VGA External was accomplished by procuring a vga to USB converter. WORKS, first time every time.
Have a great day! VB Blue

Virginia Beach - SL 10.6.6 - 1010 Mini 10v - stock - out of the box - 160GB HD - 1GB MEM - Nothing but Joy
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Default 01-20-2011, 04:31 AM

No issues with sound after 10.6.6? I'm trying to avoid the process of installing the file from extra to the system area as one thread suggested for 10.6.5....

My install was fresh from 10.6.3 retail to 10.6.5 via software update... of course using theNetbookInstaller 20100616212351 version. Everything but sound is good... and even ant that sound is grayed (on one of my 10v's) or missing (on the other 10v) on about every 5th boot.

How did you avoid this? I see others have the same issue.

Edit: To be clear I did start over 10.6.3 jump to 10.6.6 via su...never tried the combo or a stepped upgrade path. I'm also interested to learn how you've created bootable backups.
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Default 01-20-2011, 01:25 PM

I agree, reading up to the max especially in threads where issues have been presented is the best route to go. I have gone on the same upgrade path as you since trying this with my 10V back in September and aside from the odd sound or keyboard / trackapd issue on a reboot - everything has been ok. BUT - I'm still at 10.6.4, I've yet to see any decent reason to go forward (I own a MacBook Pro too and 10.6.6 is really not that impressive to me, App store and all).

Backup (Bootable) drives are an essential for sure if you plan to step forward with software update. I've used Super Duper to create two cloned drives of my Dell Mini, one to test software upgrades with and one to keep for general safe keeping. In fact that one is on a multipartition 1.5TB disk that also has Super Duper images created from my other genuine Macs. I think Super Duper is the easiest to use for creating a cloned drive, recommend that highly (make sure to remember to run NBI after creating your clone - running it from the Mini and pointing it at the newly cloned drive before booting from it)

Someone asked how thats done I think... on booting your Dell Mini you F2 into the BIOS, then re-enable USB Legacy Support. Save and exit then shutdown, I plug in my USB Drive and start up as normal, at the Dell Screen I now hit F12 which takes me to the screen where I can select where to boot from, simply select USB & then the grey screen where you can select what drive to boot from shows up, select your Clone from that menu and off it goes... machine is now running off the connected USB cloned hard drive.

Personally I prefer using the new Western Digital Caviar Green green drives in your choice of external enclosure, they are fast, quiet etc.

I have always wondered as well... so many of us have different versions of Dell BIOS, wonder if that plays a part in peoples upgrade success or got nothing to do with OSX ?


Mini10V | Current Ver 10.6.6 / Via USB / Mac from 10.6.0 > 160Gb HD | 1G Ram | NetbookInstaller 12351 | Bios A00 / USB Legacy Off / 2 SuperDuper USB Clones
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Default Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride - 01-31-2011, 12:14 PM

Well, I am a back-up freak. My windows system has so many HDs on the shelf it is a catalog nightmare. Back to MAC - I have my USB external HD, always, repeat, always plugged in. I use it for time machine besides the OS image. I am not smarter than those who go before me so I read, read, read. With the setup I have, I have no issues upgrading my mini first. Sound is not really a player with me, but I have not seen it come and go. It is there after every update sequence I use. I have not been into the bios for awhile, so I am not sure if legacy usb is on or off. My MACinDELL is working so well, I really do not want to "look inside". BTW I did not get the Apple Store App in my dock, like others have said they got. It went to apps and is resting nicely.
I used Carbon copy clone, if I remember correctly. It has to be it, because I do not believe I have used any other. If Apple has an image backup, it might have been that.
BTW - To boot to my external, I hold down the shift until both HDs appear, then I pick the one I want to boot off of.
Also, I do not jump version updates or use combos. I install apps updates by themselves and the OS updates by themselves. Take the time now, or spend the time later.

Virginia Beach - SL 10.6.6 - 1010 Mini 10v - stock - out of the box - 160GB HD - 1GB MEM - Nothing but Joy
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