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Default Mini 10v - can I use an image from my MacPro ? - 12-26-2010, 05:41 AM

I already own a Mini 10v with 10.6.2 installed and NBI 0.8.3 great !!

I have recently purchaced a MacPro 8 core intel. I built a fresh install from my retail 10.6 DVD with all my music applications etc. then upgraded to 10.6.4. This install works like a charm no problems. Now due to changes with my work I need to take the install I built on the MacPro and run it on my Mini 10v mainly for the portability.

I have an external USB HDD with 3 partitions I use for backing up installs for my 3 machines. I use carbon copy cloner to create a copy for each machine, each on their own partition. My Mini 10v boots from its own backup partition no problem.

My goal is to have the Mini 10v boot from the MacPro 10.6.4 backup partition so I don't have to re-install from scratch. I used carbon copy cloner to create a bootable copy of the MacPro on a partition on my external USB HDD. I cannot figure out how to get the Mini 10v to boot from the backup I made of the MacPro.

While booted from the Mini 10v internal disk ( 10.6.2) I ran "NetbookInstaller 20100616212351" on the partition that has the MacPro 10.6.4 install. When I reboot and choose that partition with the chameleon boot thing I get a short grey screen then it seems to quit right away and reboot. All I could think of was to repair the disk permissions on the MacPro USB HDD 10.6.4 install while booted from the Mini 10v's internal 10.6.2 ... help !

Dell mini 10v, 1Gig RAM, A04, 10.6.2 using NBI RC 0.8.4

Joel Walsh - Sound Designer

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Default 12-26-2010, 06:59 AM

It won't do that because the MacPro partition wasn't created with NetBookMaker. Why not make a time machine backup of the MacPro and then import that backup to the Mini using Migration Assistant creating a new user account. If space isn't an issue it will bring over all your programs and settings and then you can delete the old account. If your short names are the same for both machines you will have to first change the short name on the Mini which in Snow Leopard isn't as big a deal as it used to be.

If you want to get more fancy you could upgrade to 10.6.5, it runs great too with everything working, just make sure to run that special NBI before doing so!

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Mini 10V
| OS X 10.6.5 Via USB Mac on 160G HD | 2G Ram | Bios A06 | NBI 8.4 Special | Bluetooth | Legacy Off | 1.3MP

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Default 12-31-2010, 05:53 PM

i think it may be the case that this can't be done...
consider that 10.6.4 will prefer the latest NBI, is that what you ran on it? you refer to 0.8.3, but your signature shows 0.8.4?

also, you may be looking into a world of trouble because of disk permissions even if you get this to work.



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