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Default "Still waiting for root device" assistance needed. - 12-17-2010, 06:19 PM

Sorry, I originally posted this over in the basic Dell Mini 10v forum and realize that it should have been posted here.

I had a very well running Dell Mini v10 dual boot with Snow Leopard and Win7 on it. On the Apple side everything working fine (airport, touch pad, sound, etc.). After running the 10.6.5 upgrade from Apple (I know, bad idea), I got a messed up multi-boot (that I was able to fix by setting the Win7 partition back to active) as well as other issued. The biggest issue is the "Still waiting for root device" issue.

If I boot "recovery=y" the system boots fine but not if I don't. Is there any way to fix this? I have tried installing both NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and HDAEnabler.kext as well as installing MaxOSXUpdCombo10.6.5 on top of the current setup. I really, really don't want to rebuild as I have a lot of software that I have added to the system.

Any help is most appreciated. I planned on working on the airport and sound issues once I can get past this boot issue but if anyone knows a solution to those, I would be grateful as well. I am a bit of a noob with this so in advance, sorry if I respond to any assistance with dumb questions.

Thanks all and I appreciate any help you can give.


After more post reading, I have tried fixing permissions and running NBI "51" in various combinations. No luck. Still need to use recovery=y to boot and both wifi and sound no work (suspect these last two are a result of using the recovery boot option but not positive) though I don't plan on trying to fix those until the boot issue is resolved.

Also, I have tried running the permissions repair twice in a row and the same permission errors get reported the second time too. Do they not get applied until you reboot or do I have bigger issues?


OK, more progress...

After trying "permissions repair" (I now know it mostly does not do much), multiple runs of NBI 51, and reboots, I ran NBI 0.8.4 RC1 and that seems to have fixed my boot problem and sound problem!

Now if I can just get the wifi working again, I should be good to go!

Any suggestions or thoughts on that one? Should I re-run NBI 51 now or re-install the 10.6.5 combo? Thanks all.


Played with the system some more and I can boot into OSX using NBI 0.8.4 RC1, sounds works but no wifi. If an run NBI 51 after that, I can not boot again and am back to the "Still waiting for root device" issue. I also noticed that I get a lot of "can't load" messages through the boot process when I boot after 0.8.4 RC1 (with -v option) so that is likely not a long term answer. Suggestions anyone?

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