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Question I'm Behind... - 12-06-2010, 05:03 PM

Well I am not very tech savvy, and have not been keeping up on my updates like I should be. I'm still running 10.6 on my 10v, and have absolutely no idea how to update, except that my dad told me "Avoid 'System Update' like the plague." He used to take care of my computer queries, but since he passed away this year I have been very lost as to how to take care of my computer, and updating OSX. I tried (and failed) to understand the how-tos, so I was wondering if someone has a you-can-not-be-too-stupid-to-understand-this type of write-up for those of us less savvy than most.

My main question that I couldn't find an answer to is; Do I need to download each subsequent version of 10.6.-10.8, or can I just cut to the chase and go straight to 10.8? I have my back up of OSX on a USB Drive, but other than that I'm in the dark on what I need to do.

Thanks in advance guys and gals.
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Default 12-06-2010, 09:37 PM

The current version is 10.6.5.

You can go straight from 10.6.0 to 10.6.5 by running this version of NBI-

Then download this Combo Update from Apple-
Mac OS X v10.6.5 Update (Combo)

Then, just to be sure, run the NBI again before rebooting.

When you reboot, it could take up to 20 minutes before you get back to your desktop, NBI will usually auto launch and you might see the NBI logo instead of the Apple logo, so don't freak out, and don't shut the computer off because it doesn't seem to be doing anything, it is.

If you have anymore questions, ask away, there is usually someone here that can help.

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Back up Mini 9| OS X 10.6.7| NBI 20100616212351| BIOS 05 | 32 GB SuperTalent | 2 GIGS RAM
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Default 12-06-2010, 10:37 PM

If you are really concerned and don't need 10.6.5 to run newer software you could always just leave it. You can use the software update to update other programs but just be sure to click the "show more details" button after it runs. Once you can see the updates, you need to uncheck the 10.6.5 OS X update before installing the others!...that's the important one you need to make sure you don't install that way, otherwise you can apply all the other updates.

A lot of people here do more with their mini's than many people do with desktops, but if you are just using it for normal things it's really not that important that you be on the latest system. I think some of your confusion came with the difference between Leopard, which stopped at version 10.5.8 and Snow Leopard which is now up to only 10.6.5

Not discouraging you from the upgrade as there is a very high rate of success if you follow underwhelmes post, just saying it's not something to stress over if ya don't. Sorry about your Dad

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Default 12-07-2010, 03:52 AM

Originally Posted by Slothtyper View Post
Sorry about your Dad
Thanks, it's been tough, but I'm trying to manage.

Anyway, I have a Mac Mini as my desktop at home, and have been a Mac guy my whole life, so this stuff is in my blood. I know that I have NBI from Christmas time last year when I got my 10v, but I'm unsure if that is still current, or if there is a newer version that I should run. I know it took my dad many hours to undo the damage I did when I just did the system update. (reload the OS, and reload my profile off of my desktop)

So if I'm understanding this right, all I have to do is run NBI, then do the system update, and I should be alright?

The reason I'm doing this is because I want to develop an app or two for my Palm pre, and the installer requires the latest Java, which needs 10.6.5 or later. I'm not so into it that I can't live without it on my netbook as well, but I would like to have it if it's something a know-nothing can do.
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Default 12-07-2010, 06:27 AM

cntchds... no no, now wait there.

last thing you want to do is run NBI and think everythings okay, you need to run the correct NBI if you don't you'll break your OSX mini.

step one: see underwhelmed's first link hit that and download NBI **********51 un-zip and run on your mini, no need to reboot yet but you can if you wish or go straight to next step.

step two: see underwhelmed's second link hit that and download OSX.6.5 combo (this allows you to go through all the updates at once ending at .5), when it's downloaded open mount and run. this is the manual update proceeder, the benefit of which means up date is not complicated by other updates so less can go wrong (also with out the need to turn updates off in the SU panel).

wait while NBI********51 and OSX6.5 run through it's scripts can take a while..

then on reboot you should be good.

when you are at OSX6.5 open 'software update' and run if you wish, this will update stuff like iTunes, security and safari etc. this is pretty safe, no need to re run NBI.

are you unsure about anything?

if not go for it and good luck..

Dell Mini 10v 1gb ram 160gb hdd  A04  boot os-OSX.6.7  XP sp3 on Vbox  NBI********51
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Default 12-12-2010, 10:50 AM

I got 10.6.5 running like a top the other day, but then today when I booted it up, no sound! I don't think it could have been something wrong with the install because it was alright for at least a couple days. I'm on my way to the search button right now, but figured I might as well post here while it's open.
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Default 12-12-2010, 12:01 PM

I get the same issue from time to time and all I have to do is restart the OS and it works again. Since it's a hackintosh you might get stuff like that, from time to time, but don't worry, a reboot usually fixed some of those things (must be related to the os not loading the kext correctly each time).
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