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Originally Posted by UNCNDL1 View Post
Thank You JnC for the link on FireFox Browser. That is a nice interactive link of how things work! I'm reading what I can and asking questions before I load any programs.
BTW, your advice on making a back up disk was very helpful, thank you again. I'm puzzled as to why yours took so long to create (compared to me) but as long as it works when needed, that's all that really matters. I am using the Right Sided USB port with a newly partitioned SanDiskCruzer 16 GB with Super Duper. 1 hour & 49 minutes
7.78 GB (344,590 files), Available 7.87 GB
I have no idea why it took me so long. I was working in MBR rather than GUID and that may be slower, I don't know. I too used the right side USB port which, I recall, is the powered one that should be faster.

The cloned USB backup works and that's what matters. I'm not going to remake it to find out if it'd be faster using GUID.
I had about 7+GB on the drive so we were copying about the same volume of material.

Thanks for the thanks on Firefox. I hope you find it and the Add-Ons workable.


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