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Default Webcam not working - 06-23-2010, 05:20 AM

I purchased a used 10v already Hackintoshed, but not knowing enough about Mac and wanting to do it myself, I re-loaded the OS per the instructions using Netbook-Bootmaker and whatnot. 10.6.0 went on just fine, and after the first boot it did the normal stuff, including creating a user account. At that time, the webcam was working, as it was able to take a picture of me for the login. I then upgraded to 10.6.4 using the fixed NetbookInstaller and it came up fine, but my webcam no longer works. In the Image Capture application it says no scanners or camera connected.

Is there something else I need to update? I seem to also have the same issue with missing bluetooth, though I know it is installed in the netbook.
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Default 07-06-2010, 12:47 AM

I had a similar problem when I updated to 10.6.1.

What I did was go to Finder- Applications- NetbookInstaller and re-run NetbookInstaller. After about 10 minutes, it will do it's stuff. Reboot and then the camera and bluetooth should work. I was ready to re-do the whole installtion but was glad that this worked for me. I didn't really want to have to re-install MS Office, PhotoShop, and the other software I had installed.

I have been very pleased with the performance of the Dell Mini 10v and Snow Leopard.
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Default 07-06-2010, 01:26 AM

I've had issues with the webcam and BT hardware, similar to your description.

My webcam occasionally won't work on boot. If I startup and it works or doesnt work, that won't change until I restart again (regardless of sleep). More often than not it does work. So after following the usual instructions below, try rebooting a couple times and each time running Photobooth to check if it sees the webcam.

After upgrading my 10v to 10.6.4 (from 10.6.3), my BT was not being recognized. I of course checked the BIOS for the BT setting, turning if off and back on again. When that did nothing, I got some advice on these forums to do the following:

1. Repair permissions via Disk Utility
2. Run NBI to regenerate DSDT.aml, Install 10v Extensions, Fix Bluetooth
3. Shutdown, Startup

Note: I had previously performed the BT Terminal Mod/Fix. If you get BT hardware recognized, and the menu won't allow you to turn it OFF, do the Terminal fix. Don't forget to trash the Extensions.mkext file and run /Extra/ afterword.

Also, are you using the NBI mentioned below in my signature? Just checking...

My Bluetooth is now working more reliably than ever.

Mini 10v: N280, 2GB, 160GB HD, 802.11b/g, BT
________OS X 10.6.4, NBI 20100616212351
, Magic Mouse (BetterTouchTool)
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bluetooth, webcam

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