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Default HELP: Just can't get it to boot into NBI! - 04-21-2010, 01:42 PM

I have a 10v with W7 starter on it. Bios A06.

I'm trying to put OSX 10.6 on (retail, purchased).

I've followed Mechdrew's Installation guide to the letter - prepping both keys on a windows machine as no access to mac. All three methods tried.

But I have the same problem on each:
It just won't boot into NBI from the key nearest the power lead. It just carries on booting into W7.

I've checked:
1) Keys - used a load of different types but main ones are a Corsair GT 8GB and a Sandisk Cruzer 16GB. Tried both ways round and, as I said, other keys, particularly for the NBI image - as this seems the problematic one. (Or rather getting my 10V to reguster I want it to boot from there).
2) Boot devices - selected automatically and manually in one-time boot options.
3) I've checked BIOS settings.
4) I'm using NBI_083F as listed on Mechrew's guide. I would try NBI_084 but I can't find an equivalent image to that supplied for NBI_083F.

I have found a thread (not on this site) where someone talks about the 10V not recognizing the boot from USB all the time - and to look for activity light continuously flashing at end of splash screen. It looks like this is my problem. But ... I'm really getting nowhere.

Sorry for the 0.1-level question. But really appreciate any tips. Spent a long time getting nowhere so far.

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OK. Trying to isolate the problem now. Not sure why I'm replying but it might help someone if they come across it.

NB: I'm using a Win7 machine for all the donkey work here.

0) Just to make sure, I ran the remove U3 software. Thought I had done this before but no harm in doing it twice.

1) Using just one key (Corsair) for NBI and I'm in! BUT I MUST select F12 at bootup and choose USB devices (rather than setting it 1st in order of boot prefs - that doesn't work for me).

2) Decided to do the other key using Transmac. Instructions thanks to Montala:

"Install TransMac and then run the program. Insert the DVD into your drive and the larger USB drive into an available port. Right-click on your DVD, select "Save Image of Disk" and save it to a folder on your hard drive. Wait for this to finish. Next, right-click on your flash drive*, highlight "Format Disk" and select "Format with Disk Image". Select the DVD image you just created, "Open", and then click "Yes". Wait for this to finish, this will probably take at least half an hour."

*Will update soon.*

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Transmac takes an age but BINGO. We're off.

28 minutes remaining...

(Perhaps writing it all down helped - perhaps there was still some U3 crud on my drive, perhaps Transmac solved it.)

*Update in 27.5 minutes*

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ok. I am in the last stages.

Here's how I got there.

1) After installing it said failed as predicted.
2) Pressed restart, didn't boot to NBI again - just said 'No operating system found'.
3) Rebooted, edited BIOS AGAIN (not remembering settings for some reason) and put USB device first to boot. rebooted, still selected F12 and chose USB drive manually. NOTHING.
4) Removed large USB and retried 3. Didn't give me the options to hihglight the HDD that I had just installed OSX too. Instead went straight into the spinning wheel and after booting, displayed Apple Welcome video.

In the rest of set up now.

Looks like I'm actually in. Can't believe it.

*Will keep this going until I'm updated to 10.6.3*

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Well, ran into trouble with running NBI again ... until someone pointed out it works if you copy it from the small stick to the desktop. And then unzip from there.

Think I might avoid 10.6.3 for now... Downloaded 10.6.2 update from Apple and just finished installing... without issues.

So NOW I can play!

Thanks all for all your help. Though you might not have participated in this one-man thread, all your help has been read at length and I've learned a lot.
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