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Default 10.6.2 stopped booting - 04-19-2010, 10:42 AM

Hi All,
Puzzled as 10v with 10.6.2 OSX seems to have stopped working.

BIOS reports A04, N270, 2GB RAM, fixed disk then USB CD and finally mouse initialise. After this things happen fairly quickly with a rotating small line then a grey screen with three lines of text which disappear rapidly and then the boot cycle recommences.

It has worked well for several months. Thought that it might be a case of booting from the original SL disk and then attempting a repair but it will not let me do that.

I've still got NBI 0.8.3 RC4 lying around. Any ideas for troubleshooting gratefully received.

Perhaps it has picked up a virus or trojan and needs a bootable clean up disk?

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Default 04-19-2010, 05:25 PM

Hi Andy, is it possible that a software update was OK'ed? Either automatically or by someone else?

BTW, my missus grew up in Wombourne!

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Default 04-19-2010, 07:51 PM

Yes it is possible that someone else has attempted the 10.6.3 update

Seems trying to get it to boot, or at least get control, is mission impossible, although I have figured out how to slow down (hold any key) the rebooting 'loop' so that I can at least read what the screen says :-

boot 0: done
then rotating dotted line
grey screen
enabling ramdisk....
no preboot ramdisk, not loading postboot ramdisk
efi_inject_get_devprop_string NULL trying stringdata

It then loops again

My USB CD wont stop it with either the OSX retail disk or the NBI disk loaded. I figure maybe a USB flash might do the trick but got to get one tomorrow

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Oops! As you were. I've managed to get it to read the NBI

Now to see if it will boot from the OSX disk
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