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Default How would I know if my trackpad is defective?? - 04-11-2010, 04:39 PM

After suffering with my 10V trackpad for a few months, I have begun to wonder if maybe it is defective, and that I just haven't realized it because my expectations are so low due to how much badmouthing the trackpad gets.

Mine often just will not recognize my fingers - it just doesn't seem to know that they are there. Licking my finger seems to help for a little while.

The other real irritating this it does is that the cursor or whatever I am dragging will move so far, then snap back to where it was originally. Often it will do this 5 or 10 times in a row - it's like there is an invisible line on the trackpad that if I try to cross it snaps back. This is actually more irritating than if the cursor just stuck and stopped moving where it was, since they I could try again and drag it the rest of the way. But snapping all the way back is real frustrating.

Should I send it back for service (something I am not eager to do, as it has been hackintoshed), or is there any chance this is just as good as it gets? Or should I try messing with the settings some more?
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Default 04-12-2010, 12:34 AM

two finger scroll?

mine works fine in that mode but i've noticed you have to place one finger below the other for scrolling other wise when you take one finger off the track pad the curser snaps back to it's start position.

seen posts where people say the trackpad is better in 6.3 can't say i've noticed this, but i think the trackpad function is pretty good anyway.

lick your fingers? could be a water tension thing.

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