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Default Bluetooth not available? - 03-26-2010, 11:17 PM

I've searched around for this but have not seen a solution to this problem. I read all through the thread "Bluetooth terminal mod" but that doesn't seem to help me.

I have a Mini 10v running 10.6.2. This was installed with Netbook Installer 0.83 and I did check the "Bluetooth fix" box when I installed.

When I first boot the system, Bluetooth works and I can pair my iphone and tether it as well as other stuff like the Apple mightymouse and other BT toys. However, I can't turn bluetooth "off" from the toolbar menu, it's just always on which isn't generally an issue for me, but I would like to apply the fix to turn it off.

However, on a regular basis bluetooth somehow disappears. The USB device is no longer in the USB stack from a system profiler and the bluetooth menu in the toolbar says "bluetooth unavailable.

The bluetooth module was purchased on ebay and installed in the system under the palm rest when I upgraded my RAM to 2GB. When it is available, I can see the following in the USB device tree:

Model: BCM92045NMD (Broadcom)
PID: 0x2101 = 8449 decimal
VID: 0x0A5C = 2652 decimal (Broadcom)
Vers: 3.54

I've seen lots of stuff on how to enable the bluetooth on/off for the 2046 Broadcom module but nothing for this module. Anyone with experience using this module?
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Default 03-27-2010, 12:03 AM

There's a great article by Prasys about how to make an injector that might work also for your model. I managed to get a USB stick to turn off like that w/o hacking any of the system kexts. Here's one with your IDs, took like 3 mins to create it.

Stick it in your /Extra/Extensions folder, check/fix permissions and ownership if needed, and rebuild Extensions.mkext cache.

There's some tool that can do this for you. Sorry don't know much about them as I just use terminal; something like 'kext helper' or 'kext utility' or like that (check that it can work for E/E and not automatically put stuff in the System folder. Although, i guess this injector would work in /S/L/E/ also, just I've always used it/them in /E/E).
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Default 04-05-2010, 12:18 AM

I also got the same problem with my bluetooth, could you please fix it?

Dell Mini 10v | 2GB | OS X 10.6.6 |
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Default 04-05-2010, 08:47 PM

Just a note about injecting device ID to get BT "fully functional", ie: the ability to turn it off via the icon-menu (that if no device injection, does not have a "Turn Off" options).

Whilst it's easy and possible to inject the device ID, you may experience erratic BT behavior including regular drops and also a very long list of phantom known devices. Depends on the firmware and version of the chip etc. (Perhaps especially older ones).

Conversely, I've found that on my problem device (ie: USB BT dongle), removing the device injection leads to very stable operation.

So, try it out, but be prepared to dump the injection if you start to experience these sorts of issues.
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