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Default A05, 10.6.1 won't boot after mother upgraded to 10.6.2 - 02-22-2010, 09:50 PM

Yes, I know I'm not the first person this has happened to. Yes, I know that I should have disabled updates instead of trusting her to follow directions. Yes, there's a Greek fable in here somewhere.

Specs - 10v purchased in November 09 and created using the original Gizmodo instructions from that era. I downgraded the BIOS to A05 in Windows, then used the USB stick with the retail disk image and NetbookInstaller 0.8.3 (RC2?) to do the install on both my personal hackintosh and one for my mother. I upgraded both to 10.6.1 and left it at that. Around New Year's she pulled it out at a party to brag about how I'm so clever, how cute her little Mac is, etc., and it wouldn't boot properly. It kept giving an error message about the sleep image being too old by roughly the age of the universe. I thought it was just a bug but then she confessed that she might have followed the prompts and entered her password to enable the updates. I swear, I called her once a week reminding her NOT to do that.

I tried to update to the latest version of NetbookInstaller, which was RC3 at the time. No dice. Then I tried reinstalling Snow Leopard from scratch after repartitioning the hard drive using Disk Utility at the OS X install screen (this is booting from the USB stick). I've tried the install and it has completed successfully. Then I restart the computer as indicated and go to the setup screen to have it boot from the hard drive instead of the USB. boot0: done boot1: error So . . . any thoughts?

On a related note, for my 10v that is still on 10.6.1 and A05 and NOT screwed up . . . do I need to reinstall completely with the new and improved instructions to get 10.6.2? Or is it enough to try the new version of 0.8.3 final? And do I need to go back to A06 or does it matter?
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Default 02-23-2010, 01:31 AM

10.6.2 is only supported by NBI 0.8.3 RC4 and newer, so that is why your attempt to fix it failed. Not sure why it isn't working after the re-install. Try installing the latest NBI 0.8.3 final.

As to your own 10v, you should be able to update to 10.6.2 if you do so correctly. You must run NBI 0.8.3 final prior to updating to 10.6.2. Make sure the "install bootloader" box is checked. Once the update has applied and the 10v has rebooted, you must run NBI 0.8.3 final again then reboot once last time to get audio working again.

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