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NonoKurd NonoKurd is offline
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Default 04-14-2010, 12:14 AM

The only reason I will not buy iPad is that I don't think it is a sound decision buying anything that is made by Apple as first generation. This was true for iPods and iPhones and it is true for iPad.

Dell Mini 10v Mac OSX 10.6.3 1 GB RAM 160GB HDD BIOS A06  NBI 0.8.4 RC1

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DougA DougA is offline
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Default 04-14-2010, 02:55 AM

Yes. I already did, in fact.

Sold the Dell mini 10v on Ebay for $300, which is twenty dollars more than I paid for it new from Dell. I had to list it a second time because the listing was originally removed for even mentioning OS X— I should have known better.

got the most affordable iPad, which for me was $199 because of selling the Dell mini.

I also already have an iPod touch, MacBook, Mac mini.

This iPad is like a large iPod touch as an awesome backyard swimming pool is to your bathtub. the user experience cannot be duplicated at this time. This device will usher in a new way to consume web content.

Dell mini was like my macbook's handicapped little brother. Loved having adobe apps on it until apple and adobe nixed CS3 for hackintoshes.

1.75 hr battery life on a device I was mostly using for content consumption--Dell mini was starting to drive me crazy. Sure, 6 cell battery, now the handicapped net book also has a physical deformity.

12 hour battery life on this iPad, which is where I am composing this post. Touchscreen keyboard is almost full size and works very well.

And above it all full screen multitouch on a near 10 inch screen, amazing.

I am the only poster here who has lived with both Dell mini 10v and iPad. For me iPad is light years ahead in user experience, technology-soft and hard, fun factor, and niché-fitting.

I am not going to debate anyone, this is my only post on this subject.
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tinsammich tinsammich is offline
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Default 04-14-2010, 03:37 AM

I will pick one up eventually, not sure what model yet. Thinking about getting the 16gb version with 3g for interwebs where ever and to replace my old ebook reader.
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roebeet roebeet is offline
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Default 04-14-2010, 05:23 AM

I've thought about it at length, but I can't see the iPad v1 replacing anything I own. I know that it looks sleek and the UI is nice, but I need a device that i can tinker with and make my own. The fact that I created a Hackintosh in the first place shows this, and the iPad is the exact opposite of that.

Going on what I know, my main issues with the iPad are:

- Lack of Flash. I am no fan of Flash, but it's an integral part of the web right now, for better or worse. HTML5 is too new and will take time to become a standard.
- Storage. 16GB vs 500GB (I happened to have an extra HDD, so I upgraded my Mini). No contest, there.
- No multitasking. The Mini is no powerhouse, but doing things like reading ebooks while listening to music is a basic requirement for me in a portable device of this size.
- A closed environment is not what I need. My music player, ebook reader, video player, and even my web browser were all thought out and tweaked over time. It's my system and I want to control how I access content.
- No USB ports and no SD slot. I can print from my netbook, use an aircard, sync my music player and transfer files from my camcorder / digital camera via SD. I need that functionality.
- Not upgradeable. I already changed the HDD on my Mini, and I can add RAM as well (albeit with difficulty). I can even swap out the battery or add a fresh one, if the old one is drained.
- The price. Almost twice as much money as my Mini, just 16GB of storage and less features.

I know that the battery life on the iPad is one main advantage, as well as the touch screen, And I've heard several good things on the whole UI experience (which I'm sure is accurate). But, I think the negatives just outweigh the positives, in my opinion.

Mini 10v A06, MacOS 10.6.8
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Qagak Qagak is offline
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Default 05-23-2010, 02:24 PM

At the moment, I won't be getting one. I think I will wait for a newer model or for people to get tired of the old models & sell them (cheaply, I hope), so I can see what it is for myself + form an opinion of it through hands-on experience.

I love my H a c k i n t o s h so far (Mini 9). I'm not ready to do anything else Mac right now.... I'll try to master that to a point first. Also, I have to do Mac in stages.... (I've been a Windows user all my life, so I'm transitioning.) XD

============Learning Devices============

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