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Default Going to give it a shot - 01-17-2010, 08:11 PM

So, I bought to Mini 10v for Xmas (one for myself and my wife). I'm going to attempt the OSX install at least on mine first. I think I feel comfortable at least with that part, BUT I'd like to also have a partition to keep Windows XP. All of the threads that I've seen seem to need you to erase it first and then reinstall, but I don't have an external drive. Are there any good walkthroughs to do this without removing the factory XP install?? My biggest fear is that I will attempt this and then not be able to do anything with the machine. Also an unrelated question, but it sounds like with the latest netbookmaker that you don't need to really do anything within SL after system updates at this point. Is that correct?? Thanks for all the help, I know these are pretty basic questions.
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Default 01-18-2010, 03:30 AM

I know it's not the answer you want to hear, but you should really splurge for an External HDD. It's something you are tired of hearing, but Backups are so critical, especially in the world of Hackintoshing. Say you finally get OS X installed. The update to 10.6.2 is simple, but highly sequential and easy to mess up. Right there, you'd either have to start from scratch and spend another couple of hours reinstalling, or you could just boot from a backup and clone your drive back to your Hard drive and give it another shot. Max recovery time: ~30 minutes. Total work involved: ~5 minutes.
Lets go one step further. you've been using your lovely 10v for a few months. Oh look, a Software Update! you update and suddenly, crash and burn on boot. You have 50GB of Documents and pr0n that you'd have to either scrounge together from work computers, home computers, flash drives, and redownloads. On top of the 3ish hours to reinstall. Or you can just boot from your backup and be up and running where you left off in 5 minutes and restore later at your leisure.

Long post, but you can see the consequences. in the world of hackintoshing, any little update can break your system, so backups are extremely valuable. A 160 GB is the size of your HDD and will set you back $50, but you can get 250GB at the same price and they are on sale regularly. I got my 500GB for $60 on sale. Check Newegg for deals.

What I'd do is clone my Windows hard drive to the external and then wipe and install OS X (I don't know any windows cloning software, but here's a list. while it's probably possible to install on top of the Windows partition, it could get a little hairy with primary partitions and nonsense. Keep the partition there for sentimental reasons if you want. From OS X you can then use a cloning tool like Carbon Copy Cloner for OS X cloning to a separate partition. Then update with peace of mind knowing you can always go back to a bootable backup when needed. Be sure to update the backup regularly!

Also, no, there's nothing necessary to do after installing OS X. If you follow the Gizmodo guide it wants you to install touchpad drivers and such, which is now included in NBI.

Just a side note, I formatted my HDD with no qualms whatsoever. I was pretty sure i could reinstall XP if I needed to with the disc, and it was so bloated with crapware a fresh install would've been nice.

Good luck ^^

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Default 01-18-2010, 04:17 AM

Well I finally cracked today and bought an external HD so that I could back up the various computers. However, I'm thinking I may try and get a 500GB one now. I bought a 320 Iomega from Mac(which was probably overpriced), but I'd like to backup my Mac, my wives Macbook and the Mini. When I clone the drive will it fill the whole HD space or only what has data. Like my 160GB Mac hard drive that only has about 40GB of data.

As far as the install, so are you saying to Clone the XP, clean install everything and then in OSX create a partition to copy the XP too?? I want to be able to still dual boot XP if possible mainly because there is some dictation that I can only do on Windows that simply isn't compatible with Mac (though I wish it was). Thanks for all your help.
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