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msingh msingh is offline
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Default OSX runs on Dell Mini10v, but does not work - 01-15-2010, 06:56 PM

Sorry about the confusing title but it is accurate, if you read the post that follows.

Question: What is a portable / ultra-portable system ?
Answer: A computer you can take with you with minimum of fuss and ergonomically minimal footprint.

Question: Why would anyone (in real life) want such a system ?
Answer: Making presentations, working on stuff while on the move, and having minimal time spent on getting back to productivity (like leaving the system in a state that you can immediately resume working in).

Question: What is then the most important (and dare one say - non-negotiable) feature of such a system, given most people's (actual working) reason for buying a netbook ?
Answer: The ability to hibernate.

Not sleep, blinky-blink-I-am-asleep-but-not-really that you cannot put into a traveling bag, or go through an airport with. But honest to goodness I-have-written-all-my-contents-to-disk and I-am-fully-powered-off hibernate. Aka Deep Sleep. Aka ACPI suspend-to-disk.

So does Snow Leopard work (I did not say run) on a Dell Mini 10v ?
Not really.

I am not trying to put down the hard-working and ingenious developers who have made running OSX on netbooks even possible. This comment is directed at all the users here who say inane and incredibly infuriating stuff like "Oh, I can sleep it, and then it is ready to go when I get back to the desk". (or variations on that theme).

Most rational people do not buy netbooks to work at a desk with (I have an iMac for that purpose, thank you very much), folks. They buy them for the high degree of mobility it provides. And mobility is non-existent, functionally, without an ability to hibernate.

So, why not just use my Macbook ? I have to now, I was hoping for something much lighter than that.
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inigopete inigopete is offline
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Default 01-15-2010, 08:54 PM

The Mini 10v is not designed to run OS X. Any attempts to run OS X on it are, at best, elegant bodges to make Apple software run on non-Apple hardware (and I really mean no disrespect to the excellent programmers whose hard work has enabled lots of people to run OS X on their Minis!)

I run Ubuntu on mine. It hibernates just fine. A proper take the battery out and put it back in again hibernate, not just a low power suspend state. A friend runs Windows XP and 7 on his 10v, it sleeps and hibernates (low power and no power respectively) without any problems.

I normally get pretty grumpy when I post a "how do I get this to work in Linux" thread and someone replies with a "install Windows" sort of response, but in this case I think your complaint is unjustified. The 10v was not designed to run OS X, so it's not the fault of the designers. OS X was not designed to run on the 10v, so it's not the fault of Apple. As the making-it-work hacks are generally open source, your best bet is either to complain to the programmers who write the hacks or, better still, learn to program and work with everyone else to make it work better.

However, for the moment if you want something that works like a MacBook out of the box, go and use a MacBook.
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WolfKeeper WolfKeeper is offline
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Default 01-15-2010, 09:08 PM

I didn't use hibernation that much under Windows 7 when it was my only OS, and frankly I don't miss it at all dual-booting. I don't leave work open when I put my unit to sleep, as I mostly shut down. My 10v shuts down fast (in seconds under OSX, and 10-12 in Windows 7), and boots up fast (usuable in under a minute with Win7, just over a minute in OSX.

Your assumption that people buy a netbook because they want hibernation is poppycock. People buy netbooks because they're cheap and portable.

Like the previous poster before said, you're arguing a point of contention that doesn't exist *WHEN YOU USE AN OPERATING SYSTEM THE NETBOOK WAS DESIGNED FOR*. Those of use running Snow Leopard/Tiger are fully aware of the limitations hacked software/hardware have. And frankly, it's not a show stopper for most of us!

Getting an iPad
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DMBryant DMBryant is offline
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Default 01-15-2010, 09:37 PM

I never turn my mini 10v off I only ever just close the lid and put it to sleep. I would like hibernation to work as it is the only thing left to do but it would only be on the very rare occasion that the battery runs out although this has never happened to me yet.

Long story short, I dont miss hibernation but I would like it if it was there

Mini 10v | 2GB RAM | 120GB HDD | 1510 N Wireless | BT 2.1 | OSX 10.6.4 | NBI 0.8.4RC1 | Bios A04 | 1010 Touchpad | Magic Mouse
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Gaijin Gaijin is offline
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Default 01-16-2010, 09:31 AM

I miss hibernation greatly. Windows users may not miss this as the hibernation function in Windows takes forever and they might as well reboot. But a Mac's sleep mode is quick and painless, and I really miss this function on my Dellintosh.
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RickyB RickyB is offline
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Default 01-16-2010, 08:47 PM

The only time I "use" hibernation on my current Mac is when I accidentally leave it unplugged with the lid open and the battery goes dead. The computer hibernates automatically. Otherwise I only ever use sleep by closing the lid. I can appreciate that some people use the hibernate feature, but in the situations you describe it would make more sense to just sleep the computer and actually turn it off in the rare circumstances you need the computer actually powered down.
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w7ox w7ox is offline
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Default 01-16-2010, 10:09 PM

Funny thing is that until finding out in this forum I didn't know my MacBook had the capability to hibernate (and I've been using MacBooks since the first one in 2006). So I tried hibernation and don't like it: Immediate start up from Sleep is much better.


Netbook: Mini 10v, BIOS A05, OS X 10.6.4, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, BT
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bsoplinger1 bsoplinger1 is offline
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Default 01-17-2010, 12:34 AM

When I'm working with a machine, vs just 'poking around,' I usually have a few apps open and running and some of those apps have multiple windows. Being able to stop and then start later is an absolute must. Sleeping the machine with the battery running down the whole time really isn't an option. Hibernate (where the machine is shut down and off) is a real must. There is no way quitting everything (shutdown) and then reopening those apps and windows and arranging things as I like (restart) would be an acceptable alternative. And 8 hours or 2 days between sessions makes sleep untenable. If it'd just be 5 minutes between classes instead that'd be completely different.

Then again if I'm just poking around, browsing the web, reading emails, that sort of thing, I don't mind having to reopen a browser or an email client.

And I think you'll find a similar difference between those that want or need hibernate and those that feel sleep is more than good enough.

I have hibernate working on my 9 (SL 10.62) and it can go a week or 2 weeks between sessions. I have hibernate on my 10v (but its running 10.5.8) and use it regularly every day. The 10v gets used right next to an outlet so I could make due with sleep. My 9 gets taken when I'm doing work away from home (its just so much handier with its smaller form factor over my 10v) and I'd be cursing every time I used it if I had to reopen my apps and get windows and files opened and ready for me to do my work. The 1 app that keeps my 10v on 10.5.x is pretty unusable on a small screen but the mini can run my 22" monitor just fine. And I've got a bunch of external storage here at home for it. If I couldn't get my mini9 to hibernate I'd drop back to 10.5.8 in a heartbeat. And there isn't anything yet that requires me to have 10.6.x so I can live with things as they are.

So I'd be quite willing to tell anyone that the mini can run 10.6 "just fine" with the obvious caveat that it ain't a Mac so won't quite run like one. If that person was to ask for more info one of the first things I'd mention is that hibernate is very iffy, as in if it works it works fine but getting it to work is alot of effort and a matter of luck (as in it will work for some but not others with the exact same setup) but 10.5 hibernate is close to 100% and that 10.5 is a viable, if more expensive, option. And now harder because you can't go out and buy 10.5 anymore.

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Mini3: Mini10v. Black, 2G, Webcam, 640G HD, OS X 10.5.8/Win 7/Ubuntu [Hibernate w/NBI 0.8.3 RC4]
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alpine101 alpine101 is offline
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Default 01-17-2010, 05:56 PM

Hibernation works fine on both 10.6.1 wouldn't be without it. The one minor problem is that sometimes the bluetooth mouse needs restarting after power up.
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msingh msingh is offline
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Default 01-18-2010, 12:12 AM

Originally Posted by alpine101 View Post
Hibernation works fine on both 10.6.1 wouldn't be without it. The one minor problem is that sometimes the bluetooth mouse needs restarting after power up.
I have another thread in this forum on this topic. Could you please post some details of your setup ?

Having to reopen documents / apps every time I open up my 10v is a massive pain. I do not simply understand those that say that they are fine with just sleep. Maybe they are using the mini as a desktop replacement (or just use it pass time with browsing / check email / facebook etc.).

However, if you are in the middle of editing three word documents and preparing a presentation in Keynote while running some commands on Matlab, having to shut down just because this thing wont hibernate (on a fresh install for me) is a big big big pain.

Its not just a battery drain issue - you just cannot travel with the mini asleep. It has to hibernate / power down. Try going through an airport or even packing it in a bag like that to understand why sleep is nothing more than a cosmetic option for those of us who use a mini for a serious travel computing purpose.
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