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jvernet jvernet is offline
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Default 01-15-2010, 10:40 AM

Originally Posted by madoc1 View Post
Bravo il manque le Spartacus XX anniversary
I'm searching for a generous donator. Prices for a complete working system are crazy. almost lack some part, as the woofer, without them you got a brick.

Dell Mini 10v, RAM 1G, A05, MacOsX 10.6.1
MacBook, G4, and 76 other Mac
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aaron580 aaron580 is offline
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Default 01-15-2010, 01:57 PM

Ive got a 10v, mini 9, and a 17 inch Macbook Pro at this point. Had 2 macbooks one white 2.4ghz and one black 2.16ghz but sold em. Usin extra money from them to buy apple tablet and eventually upgrade my macbook pro and buy a 27 inch i7 Imac

17 inch MBP - 2.5ghz, 4 gig ram, 250gig 7200rpm HDD, Nvidia 8600 512mb overclocked!!!, Snow Leo/Windows 7 ultimate
Dell Mini 10v - 2 gig ram/120gig hdd/Snow Leo/Looking into a touchscreen mod (still)
Dell Mini 9 - 2 gig ram/32 gig STEC/Windows 7 Pro/Snow Leo/Dell 1500 N wireless/what will become of this little lappy....?
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macagain macagain is offline
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Default 01-16-2010, 06:03 PM

Unibody MacBook Pro 2.53 15"

MacBook Pro 2.16 Core 2 Duo
Powerbook G4 Al 1.25
Powerbook G4 Ti 550
*** lost years ***
Powerbook 170
Mac SE
Apple IIe
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themoose themoose is offline
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Default 01-17-2010, 05:50 PM

I started using macs in 1986, still have my old Mac Plus. Also have a 5 year old G5 tower connected to a 30 inch Dell monitor (about $600 cheaper than the Apple version, both use the Samsung LCD panel). Also have a PC, Duo quad 2.83 gHz, for video editing, using Pinacle Studio. My G5 has a motorola chip which won't let me edit MPEG4 video files but have used Final Cut Pro for standard video. I was considering selling the G5 about a year ago but when I found out it was only worth about $600 I decided to keep it. I usually keep all my macs for at least 10 years- even though the OS becomes outdated it's still a useful machine.
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holmes4 holmes4 is offline
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Default 01-18-2010, 01:37 AM

Never had a Mac. For me, OS X on the Mini is mostly "for the heck of it".

Mini 9|2GB RAM|64GB RunCore|Intel 5300|Windows 10
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w7ox w7ox is offline
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Default 01-18-2010, 02:03 AM

Originally Posted by holmes4 View Post
Never had a Mac. For me, OS X on the Mini is mostly "for the heck of it".
I did that with an iBook in 2005 and was soon hooked: You've been warned


Netbook: Mini 10v, BIOS A05, OS X 10.6.4, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, BT
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delphinus87 delphinus87 is offline
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Default 01-18-2010, 03:03 AM

Quite proud of my Dell XPS 420 desktop with snow leopard. I voted "no" as you can's really call it a Mac, but it's my main machine alongside my 10v. Haven't booted to Vista for a good 2 months now ^_^

Mini 10v Black BIOS A05| OS X 10.6.3 | NBI 0.8.4RC1 | Atom N270 | 160GB HDD | 1GB RAM | 6-Cell | ASUS USB Bluetooth | Wifi-G

Dell XPS 420 Desktop | OS X 10.6.3 with Vista/Win7 external | myHack Installer 1.0.1 | Core2 Quad Q9400@2.67GHz | 4GB RAM | Nvidia 9800GTX+
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Nezil Nezil is offline
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Default 01-18-2010, 02:52 PM

I bought my first Mac just over a year ago, and was hooked. The OS takes a small amount of getting used to, but it's just nicer after a while.

As you can see from my signature, I've been a self confessed Mac fanboy since.

My girlfriend wanted to talk to me on iChat when I go on business trips, so I bought my 10v for that, and it works perfectly.

Mini 10v | N280 | White | 2GB RAM | Webcam | Bluetooth | 80GB X25-M SSD | OS X 10.6.2 | NBI 0.8.3 | VoodooPowerMini | A04 BIOS
MacBook | 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo | Unibody | 4GB RAM | 320GB 7200rpm HDD | OS X 10.6.2
Mac mini | 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo | 4GB RAM | 500GB HDD | OS X 10.6.2 | PLEX Media Center
iMac | 2.8GHz Core i7 | 4GB RAM | 500GB HDD | OS X 10.6.2 | Belongs to work
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waldo_pepperjack waldo_pepperjack is offline
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Default 01-19-2010, 04:32 AM

In the basement I have Classic, LC III, Quadra, PowerMac 7600, Beige MiniTower, Beige AIO, PowerBook 145B, 2 G3 Smurfs (Blue&WHite). At work I have a very nice Sawtooth w/ a souped up nVidia (flashed) gfx card (QE/CI work great). Wife has a BondiBlue G3 iBook (clamshell variety), TiBook (1GHz G4), and currently uses a MacBookPro. I also have 2 G4 eMacs @ work.

My Hackintoshes? :
1. MSI WindNettop DualAtom running 10.5.7 serving as our LeopardMediaCenter. (iTunes, Netflix, DVDs, webtv, etc)
2. A 3.8GHz Q9550 Core2Quad Tower w/ Gigabyte mobo, 2TB of hdd space, running 10.6.2 perfectly (did a lot of work on the dsdt.aml to get this just right, but it purrs - everything works great).
3. my Dell Mini10v - awesome
4. an open-source Time Capsule built from an NAS device running Debian (armel).

Dell Mini 10v w/ 2GB SDRAM, 802.11n & BlueTooth
Snow Leopard 10.6.6
2TB of NFS mounts courtesy of foonas-ized LinkStations
as opensource TimeCapsules (+ p910nd printserver & Firefly media server)
see for details on how to make your OS X experience richer with a modded NAS device
Time Capsule/Time Machine Support on Your LinkStation
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