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Default 12-23-2009, 12:43 PM

Another nice "home trick" if you live in a dense wifi area (an assuming you use Ch11), is to log into open network's routers and get the channel out of the way. lets say another 3 open routers use Ch11, 10, 9... if you change these to Ch1, or 1,2,3 clears the air of interefering resonances. Can make up for ALOT of coverage loss for you, stability, reliability, speed, etc...

If the routers are locked, then write down the closest ones to you, and their channels (signal strength, or apps like Netstubler), and YOU clear out of THEIR way.

Either case, Ch11 is always the "best" to use, as it is, I believe, in an upper bandwidth segment from other protocols.

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Default 12-23-2009, 07:21 PM

Originally Posted by Bear Hunter View Post
I travel extensively and have yet to run into any problems connecting anywhere with the 1510.
I have 4 friends that got the 1510 card and all have had the same problem as I described. They had a "bad connection" rate of around 50% or more on the road, while at home the cards worked perfectly with their routers on channel 11. 3 have opted to sell their 10v's and get new ones with the 1397 card. 1 uses it mostly at home so it is not an issue. There are also a variety of threads on this board with people describing the same problem.

I don't what you mean by "extensively" but either you will run into this problem at some point, or there is something different about your setup that alleviates the problem. If that is the case I would love to know what it is as I've looked far and wide to try to find a solution and have not been able to at this point. Can you confirm that you can connect to a g-router using a channel other than 11 and that it works as it should? If so, perhaps there is something different in your setup. I would love to know. Thanks.

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Default 12-24-2009, 01:51 PM

Well i posted on the Netbook installer supported devices about the exact problem, (More4money), my dell dw 1510 just would not work on the Acer d250 i had, so Sold it on ebay an bought a dell mini 10v to try the wifi card in their and guess what, would not work at all, So i sent back as a dud card, will try when the replacement arrives.

One question tho i read on this forum on another post someware that you have to of used the Dell Dw 1510 ONCE in windows xp or 7, did anyone else try it in windows first, or did you install osx and install after,

when the wifi card was in my D250 and my dell it would not show the airport icon, but in the D250 it worked a few times then just died again, i had to do the pin 20 trick, actually removed the pin off the board so it was constantly on, but alas no result.

But am much happier with my dell, nice and quiet, plus keeps me WARM!!!, YTF would they not include a fan, madness
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Default 12-24-2009, 06:49 PM

Originally Posted by potter779 View Post
But am much happier with my dell, nice and quiet, plus keeps me WARM!!!, YTF would they not include a fan, madness
There no fan because no fan is needed

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Default 01-20-2010, 01:32 PM

Looking to add this card to my mini 10v for OSX but is it the half mini card?

Ebay Listing here

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Default 01-25-2010, 12:13 AM

Originally Posted by ppafford View Post
Looking to add this card to my mini 10v for OSX but is it the half mini card?

Ebay Listing here
It looks like a standard Dell 1510 card to me, which is a half height card, and will be fine in a Mini 10v.

As to OS X & Snow Leopard compatibility that is something I am interested in myself, but the general feeling on here seems to be that it does work OK.

Not too sure about the Channel Changing which has been mentioned though.... If the card operates satisfactorily under Windows 7, is thre any reason why it should not 'work' with the same router and settings with Snow Leopard, after a 'Hackintosh'?


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