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Default HIIII,new mac user here!! - 12-08-2009, 12:00 PM


I sucessfull install 10.6 snow leopard on my 10v!!!!!!!!!!!

I discover this week this webpage, buy a 8gb usb today and install it!

Steps that i follow: (i have not a mac)

1) downgrade A06 to A04 directly
2) use ubuntu with the dd command to burn a img of netbookinstaler to a little usb 8.03 RC3 (there is no other in the webpage of mechdrew)
3) I have the original dvd in dmg format. In windows i convert it with dmg2img to img. Then I mount it with daemon tools, then I create a new image with InfraRecorder to stantart ISO. And finally copy to a usb in ubuntu with the dd command (much easier than in windows with the dd.exe)
4)Plug all and install!!!!!!!!! and it works in the 1st time!!!!

I dont know if is right or not, but the atom micro is unknown(Desconocido in spanish):

<MOD: removed obnoxiously large graphic>

So thanks to all people.

Now i have other problems, because this is the first time i use mac OS.

I want to do a copy of my hard disk. How can i do it? I want to use the usb easy to restore the backup. Without any operative systems. (and how to make a copy of the usb too D to store it in other computers too)

But i have a big problem. It autoupdate, when i restart the mac install updates, and the netbookinstaller reboot and reboot once time, another and another time.... and never load the mac. I use 8.03 RC3

How can I no autoupgrade????? or, how can i upgradre? Or better disable the autoupgrade, for in the future prevent lose my mac.

Alt and Alt Gr have diffenrent means true? keys like @ i do it with windows + 2. I thinks it is normal. And the click in the touchpad is only with the buttons. (and thats a problem in the 10v because most time you move the cursor heheh)

I install spanish keyboards - ISO. Some letters in the internet are not good in mac. like this: áé*óú.
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Default 12-08-2009, 02:00 PM

Ugh! PLEEASE resize that image to a more, well, MINI-FRIENDLY resolution! There's plenty of freeware that'll do it simply and easily (I suggest the GIMP).

Re: backups: Advanced 1: Backup and Restore Installations | Guides | OS X | mechdrew
Re: autoupdate: Unlike Windows, OSX doesn't FORCE you to do ANY updates. I have uninstalled iTunes, so I have to tell my mini every time NOT to install a new version. But if you're upgrading the OS, like, say, to 10.6.2 from 10.6.1 or 10.6.0, you can't do that through the auto updater. You'll need to download the combo updates from the Apple website, and when the update finishes, you will need to rerun NBI *before* you restart your computer (once the update finishes, just don't hit Restart before you run NBI). Also keep in mind NBI 0.8.3RC4 is needed to run 10.6.2.

Hope that was helpful. And PLEEEASE resize or remove that image.

Inspiron 6000 "Scheherazade" Ubuntu 10.04
iMac G4 (17") "Snow Maiden" MacOS 10.5.8
Mini 10v "Bumblebee" MacOS 10.6.4 / NBI 20100616...
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Default 12-08-2009, 02:00 PM

well i think i solved the automatic update.

I download the 1.6.1 combo update (dmg) and install it. Before install the netbookinstaller 8.3 RC4, and my touchpad appears in the preferences, and now is clickin right etc... fantastic!!

and i can boot as always.

do must i try the 1.6.2? i think no, i dont want to reinstall all again at moment jejej

for disable automatic update, i do this: apple-preferences-software updates- and uncheck the looking for updates and download it.

it is enought??

and oother thing, some key like , big than, or less than key, where is it???? that key is now ºººººªªªºªºªªºªªºª hahahah
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Default 12-08-2009, 03:56 PM

Originally Posted by OverCraft View Post
I want to do a copy of my hard disk. How can i do it? I want to use the usb easy to restore the backup. Without any operative systems. (and how to make a copy of the usb too D to store it in other computers too)
For this issue, use Mac OSX's "Time Machine" software. With an external USB drive the Mac will automatically keep incremental backups. Then using the USB DVD image you made to build the machine you'll be able to do very simple restores from backup.

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Default 12-09-2009, 03:47 AM

Hey, congratulations! OSX will take a little time to learn but once you use if for a while, you will find it is generally very stable and all the little tricks/shortcuts will be known so it is easy to use. Some of the Mac forums might be useful to read through...they have lots of advice for first time OSX users that are very useful.

Dell Mini 10v 160GB HD 1GB RAM A05 NBI 0.8.3 Final OSX 10.6.2 w/Magic Mouse
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