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Default Mini10v bluetooth problems with OSX - 11-27-2009, 07:57 PM

Hi all,

I'm new and have just installed Snow Leopard 10.6.0. I used Bootmaker 0.8.3 RC4. I haven't done the update to 10.6.1 or .2. Just about everything works great... thanks to all for allowing us to do this. The only issues I had were a blank screen on wake, which I fixed by running installer 0.8.2 and then installing 8.3 RC4 again before restarting. The only problem left is that OSX doesn't recognize the bluetooth... In the BIOS I have bluetooth enabled. A USB bluetooth module works just fine. Any ideas? Thanks
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Default 11-29-2009, 03:45 PM

Originally Posted by Alistair View Post
Hi all,

The only problem left is that OSX doesn't recognize the bluetooth... In the BIOS I have bluetooth enabled. A USB bluetooth module works just fine. Any ideas? Thanks
There's not really enough to go on here for me to presume to offer a complete diagnosis. However, maybe my experience could be illustrative. I bought a Mini 10v with internal bluetooth on 22 July, and finally, after three times being sent back to Dell's repair depot, finally got Dell support to agree to ship a replacement unit in October. It was one of the more frustrating experiences I've ever had with a tech company. But in my case, the bluetooth never did work with the original installation of Windows XP, either.

Assuming you're positive that the unit you have does indeed have an internal bluetooth module installed (you might want open the case to visually confirm that. After my experience, I'm skeptical of anything Dell support tells me.), and you are configuring bluetooth in the OS X System Utilities the exact same way with the internal bluetooth as you are the USB bluetooth, then the problem is as likely to be in the computer itself as it is in your installation of OS X.

About the only way I can think of to confirm this is to reinstall Windows XP, and see if the bluetooth works there. If not, either return the unit as defective, or try to work through Dell support to get it fixed. If bluetooth does work in XP, then reinstall OS X using the latest Netbook Installer and hope for the best. You're likely to save a bunch of time and frustration by starting over versus trying to troubleshoot individual kexts and such.

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Default 11-29-2009, 04:00 PM

Have you considered (as a diagnostic install only) installing Ubuntu on a 4GB USB flash/pen drive? You could check BlueTooth functionality from there... It would leave your hdd untouched.

Just a thought/question.

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Default 11-29-2009, 06:03 PM

To confirm whether a module is on board, just pull up and gently snap off the gray palm rest below the keyboard (no need to remove the keyboard). You can wiggle it loose with a credit card worked around between the gray and the black plastic (my fingernails do the job). The BT module is about 1" X 3/4" nestled in a small black-plastic well just to the right of the trackpad assembly well at the very front edge of the DM-10V, with a 1-1/2" cable that connects it to the right-most white plug on the front lip of the motherboard. This would be a good first step to resolve the question. It is entirely possible for a dead module to be there with no BT preference selection in System Preferences, but it would not be possible for there to be a BT preference selection if there is no module on board.

Also, I have never ordered a DM-10V with a BT module, I find them on eBay, directly from China. I have 2 DM-10Vs and have swapped the modules around between the DM-10Vs; one module works, the other never has worked. Perhaps this is your problem, too.

Good luck.

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Default 12-02-2009, 09:29 PM

Thanks for the tips guys... I'll open'er up and see what I find (or don't find)
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