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Default Noob installs osx 10.6 on Dell mini 10v - 11-19-2009, 03:46 AM

please forgive redundancy, I have read till eyes bled.
triedto install on a new(nov'09) dell mini 10v after succesful BIOS d/grade from A06 to A04, used netbook bootmaker .8.3 rc3 and when I tried to boot from usb on netbook got kernel panic and 'incompatible platform x=86' (and after that netbook would not recognize usb(HFS+)so I read mechdrew's(now outdated?)older guide and under troubleshooting I read about kernel flags and I think to try suggestion.after a week of letting it slide I check the guide and those kernel flags(x=86...)are gone with revision, so I gave up and mom needed a travel netbook so she got that one with windows 7.

next Dell mini 10v also in box but this one is retail not like previous mail order from Dell.
this 10v comes with BIOS A05-great ready to go, but....I cannot get it to boot ffrom USB-usually can just hit f12 at start up but it just shows 'removable devices' and from BIOS it would not start from USB even if that is selected and top of bios boot list.
ran netbook bootmaker(newer 0.8.3 rc4) on two different usb flash sticks(retail plus 16gb and duracell 16gb)--no boot.
so I thought I'll make a fat32 bootable usb and try it -still no.

so, get this, I tried just random boot netbook with both usb in(retail plus which originally gave kernel panic in first 10v) and the Duracell 16gb flash drive with bootable fat32-AND THE NETBOOK GAVE ME BOOT OPTION FOR USB so installing OSX 10.6 this a defective netbook? or what?
model iM10v-3932E.
any info as I cannot get it to boot from USB unless I have these two installed.????

EDIT: install worked great, I am so impressed, gush, thanks you many times.

still not clear on how to update? (I know, I know..should be able to learn here)
can I just download combo update and run from netbook or

can I do from Snow Leopard combo update .dmg saved to USB, then that's it? or have to re run netbook installer?

sorry, as said, not clear from guide for me.

how about getting update through software update?

okay I am getting a brain and finding some info great posts like

---------- Post added at 07:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:09 PM ----------


one guide says run NBI before update other guide says run after

after installing 10.6 do I install 10.6.2 update then run NetbookInstaller 0.8.3 rc4?

or run NBI before and after?

edit: ran NBI then 10.6.2 update mac osx cant be installed on this disk.this volume does not meet requirements'

but 10.6.2 combo update will run - though AlexFFA and HotDog say you can force using software update-that might still give me the same 'volume does not meet req..' error

question...If I run updates again need to nbi again? i still need to install ilife then should nbi again?

uh...dork here, got speakers and mic sound working not sure how, after several restarts and running NBI and update extra

when I tried to boot into safe mode got the hibernate too old... error and then restart gave me KERNEL PANIC and long spinning gear boot then again second time then booted and sound worked.
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