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Default 10v OSX which disk can I use - 10-28-2009, 09:21 PM

I have a new WD Scorpio 2.5 drive and usb enclosure on the way to me. I plan on installing OSX onto it and installing it in my 10v.

My question is, can I use my iMacs OS disc for a test install?

First off, I'm not looking to get out from buying a retail version of OSX. I have no problems doing so. I just want to test it out before I commit $120-130 for the retail disk (from eBay). I would like to see how OSX runs on the mini first, to see if its worth keeping. I'm debating on selling the mini and just buying a used MacBook.

The way I'm starting to look at it is: I already have $300 invested in the mini (plus a case and BT mouse), then add in $130 for OSX, plus $35 for the new drive and usb enclosure (I plan on using them with my other computers, so no loss there). That puts me in the $450 range, a decent used MacBook can be found for $75-150 more.

My other though was: I'm planning on upgrading my iMac to Snow Leopard. Can I use the SL disk to test out on the mini?

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Default 10-29-2009, 02:08 AM

Go with SL out of the gate. It's a much cleaner install and produces a better end result, IMHO.
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