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Default 10-24-2009, 02:35 PM

Guess I'm being Captain Obvious here.... how hot does the thing run? Sounds like IO = disk = heat = crash.

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Default 10-26-2009, 02:46 AM

Originally Posted by barney View Post
Hi all, well after my previous threads and advice from you guys i went ahead and installed SL onto my 10v.

So i though i'd give a little report on how i got on and my problems.

So first off, i used the external hard drive enclosure method which was *relatively* straight-forward.

I used both NetbookMaker AND NetbookInstaller to get it working in the end.
I thought it could be done by purely using NBI but it didn't work and after dozens of restarts and fiddling i gave NBM a try and it worked.

So here is what i did:
1) take my 500gb hd out of my mini and into an external enclosure with USB 2.0 interface.
2) went into the SL install procedure and formatted the drive as GUID and went ahead and installed the OS to the external drive.
3) once installed i ran NBI (but only after running NBM at this point was i able to boot.) therefore making the external a USB boot key (i think)
4) install any updates you may want and then shut down. (important not to restart)
5) put hard drive back into mini and boot normally. (at this point it took two restarts to actually boot into osx) however, once i'd done it the first time i have had no problems since.
6) then once in os x on the mini i ran NBI RC3 once again. This then gave me the trackpad support and fixed sleep (to a certain extent at least)
7) from then on, it is working fine. I don't know if this is different to the other methods but the basic principle is there. This worked for me, and has only left me with a couple of small niggly issues.

These are:
1) sleep doesn't actually go into a proper sleep. screen goes blank, led light dims, but hd is still spinning. audio is fine after wake.
2) the vga output isn't working, have made no attempt to get it working although would really like to.
3) now this is a weird one; if i shut down with the power plug in and then attempt to boot up without the power plug then it just gets stuck at apple icon, no spinning circle. And the same result the other way around.
However, if i shut down without ac cord and then boot up without ac cord then all is well and it boots normally.

Now for my question! Is it unusual for an install of SL to go as well as this with Bios version AO6? Are these issues to do with the bios version? I'd really like to get these issues sorted but have no idea where to begin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

And just for your info:

500gb WD Scorpio Blue
SL 10.6.1

I have a similar issue with mail - can't get any of my accounts (including Exchange) to send mail. Anyone else with this issue?
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