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Unhappy OSX / XP Dual boot - Can't get bootloader to work! - 09-05-2009, 05:24 PM


I received my mini10v about a week ago, upgraded to 2GB RAM, and using reydemia's great guide got OSX 10.5.8 running in no time at all - Thanks to all involved!

Unfortunately, I want to dual-boot XP to run a couple of programs. After much grief I have a working XP partition, a working OSX partition but cannot get a bootloader to work.

My method:
Stage 1:
-I used the Dell XP SP3 recover disk and WinSetupFromUSB to make an install disk on an 8GB USB stick.
-I used the (Aug 20 version) to make an OSX install disk on another 8GB USB stick. I also modified the installer so that it would install on an MBR formatted disk.

-I booted from the XP USB stick, formatted the disk into 2 partitions; 40 GB for XP, 120 GB for OSX. It was formatted in NTFS, the only option given by the XP installer.
-I installed XP and all the drivers, everything works fine.
-I installed EasyBCD as well. (It's supposed to make things "easy"!)

Stage 2:
-I booted from the OSX install USB stick. Used Disk Utility to erase the 2nd 120 GB partition as "OSX Extended (Journaled)", and installed OSX up to 10.5.8 using reydemia's guide. This uses "DellEFI for".
-I've used the OSX Terminal to set the active partition to 2.

When I boot from the mini's internal disk, I get a black screen with text saying "boot0: done" and it simply sits there.

When I boot of the OSX installer USB, I get the Chameleon v2.0-RC r640 bootloader that shows both the XP disk, the OSX disk, and the OSX install stick. Unfortunately, I cannot properly boot either XP or OSX disks.

When I choose the XP disk, I get a Windows Boot Manager screen complaining that hardware or software changes have been made so I cannot boot. However, If I boot off of my XP install USB disk, I can boot into XP without any problems (though EasyBCD won't launch anymore.)

When I choose the OSX disk, the boot loader throws up a message saying that it can't find the mach.kernel. Funny thing is that if I choose the OSX install stick and use the -x safe boot switch, it boots into OSX on the internal disk normally (though in safe mode) and everything works.

If I boot the OSX install disk, I get the regular Leopard installer.

As far as I can figure out, I have two good working installs (XP & OSX) but my bootloader is screwed up.

Does anyone have any ideas where I went wrong or how to fix this?

Any and all help appreciated!

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Default 09-06-2009, 01:33 PM

One day later...

I tried a few more things and discovered others.

1) When I used the Dell Win XP disk to create 2 partitions it turns out that the second one (for OSX) is not a primary partition, it is a logical/extended partition. To fix this, I used Gparted on a USB stick to do my partitioning.

2) The bootloader installed by NetbookBootMaker acts strangely. When I boot off of the NetbookBootMaker USB stick I see the following:
- When my XP partition is formatted as FAT-32, it cannot see the partition.
- When my XP partition is NTFS, it can see the partition but when I choose this partition, XP does not boot properly. I get a black screen with a "_" in the top-left corner. The XP partition is the active/boot partition right now and boot fine from the hard disk or from the WinSetupFromUSB startup USB stick. (It uses grub4dos as its bootloader.)

I've also remembered that I am using BIOS v06 so will probably downgrade to 04 today and see if that makes a difference.

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Default 09-07-2009, 06:10 PM

Day 2: Finally everything works! I'm not sure why...

However, I did learn a few things worth relating:
1) Don't use the format command in the Dell XP restore disk. It will not create 2 primary partitions.
2) In order to get a working XP partition, I found that I had to use the Dell XP disk, to wipe the disk, and then use Gparted to shrink the partition and create a second HFS+ partition for OSX. (I used the MBR scheme, so have XP on partition 1 and OSX on partition 2).
3) I found that if I formatted the XP partition in FAT-32, it didn't show up on the boot menu in Chameleon. NTFS was fine and that is what I used in the end.

Other notes:
1) I went from 10.5.0 (DVD) straight to 10.5.8 using the combo update.
2) I used the "NetbookInstaller 0.8.2 RC4" to install all the magic stuff.
3) I have no idea while on earlier attempts, the Chameleon bootloader couldn't see my NTFS XP partition.

It's great that everything works now!
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