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Originally Posted by Isthmus View Post
Why, because you say so?

Yes there is great benefit to doing things the way you want right out of the box, but there is also great benefit to doing things as you wish, be it with a desktop you built from parts, or a netbook you bought cheap and modified to your liking. there are different people with different priorities and different reasons for doing what they chose to do, and I don't think it is really yours, mine or anyone's place to repeatedly give folks a hard time for choosing a different path than that which we might prefer.

I agree with Isthmus on this one... I miss the days when "I" had the choice to make ANY upgrades I choose to at the time of purchase... Instead, Dell forces me to buy a PC configured the way it suites "THEM" best...

In fact, I wouldn’t even care about the cost (within reason) just to save myself from the headache of rebuilding a new PC that Dell would not allow certain parts in due to agreements with manufacturer’s and software companies...

But... that’s just my opinion and we all know that saying...
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