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Unhappy Help! Problem with drivers. - 02-28-2011, 07:52 AM

After scanning my dell, when I restarted it I found everything on my screen appear bigger...i mean i have to scroll to see the full pages and if i decrease the size of the font to get everything fitted in a screen I would need a microscope to read! And yes, none of my videos play smoothly and clearly.
I checked my device manager and found that the display drivers were missing (it had a black exclamation with a yellow background) As far as i remember, under the DISPLAY DRIVERS it had intel(R) graphics media accelarator driver 3150 two times... means the same "inter(R)...3150" was written twice.
I have reinstalled the drivers many times and in some of my attempts I got positive results also but after two-three days again I get that big screen back (It happens when I restart my dell). Also, sometimes my laptop doesn't start...I mean after the windows xp logo there is a black screen and it remains so until I press the power button... restart it in safe mode and uninstall the software.Not even that, many times after starting my dell I found that the colour quality was worst. Everything.. the wallpapers. the icons... appear as if someone has coloured it with awful crayon.
I have never seen such a worst screen ever!
Let me tell u the present condition of my dell...
Under the display adapter I see
(!) video controller
(!) video controller(VGA compatible)
Both are crowned with black exclamation.
I don't know much about the drivers and all. please tell me the steps to get my problem fixed.

Another big problem i started facing yesterday....
when I try to send something through bluetooth, i am told to start my bluetooth device by right clicking on the icon at the taskbar.. But What? Oh! I no longer see that icon at the taskbar !!
It was there since the day I bought my dell.
I tried all I could to get it there... use.
Next I right clicked a song> send to bletooth and bang!! I was notified that no "bluetooth device not found. plz check that its properly connected and turned on"
I have an inbuild bluetooth and and I have no buttons on my laptop to start it. I always started it with the icon in the taskbar. So, Have a again lost my bluetooth drivers... or is it a more serious problem?
under the bluetooth devices in the device manager there are NO Black exclamation... I see..
1. bluetooth bus enumerator
2. Dell wireless 365 bluetooth module.

Please help me! I cannot think of restoring my dell to factory setting because I have about 80GB stuff that I cannot transfer to any other device because I don't have an CD drive or any storage media... My bluetooth had gone...
Please... please help me!!!!!!!
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Default 02-28-2011, 08:48 AM

Do you mean a malware scan? If so, what with and did it find and quarantine or delete any files? Have you tried the last known good boot option or system restore to before the problem started?


Originally Posted by Good View Post
After scanning my dell, when I restarted it I found everything on my screen appear bigger...
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Default 02-28-2011, 02:39 PM

I have advance system care free and winutilities pro. the problem started after I used them to scan and then restarted my laptop.
I have been using them since months and they didn't create any problem before.
And if I problem occurred due to registery cleaner.... I didn't restore it and I can't restore it now because I don't have a recovery option for that date.
Sometimes when I use system restore it says "The system cannot be restored, no changes have been made".
Other times I have been able to get everything corrected by restoring but as I told earlier it remains good for 3-4 days and again reverts back to that problematic condition.
Okay, I am much more concerned about my bluetooth than display now. So, can you help me get my bluetooth back????
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