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Default My Experience with Broadcom Crystal HD - 08-21-2010, 04:16 AM

Ok, so I have got a dell mini 1012 with the broadcom card, 250GB, 1Gb RAM and windows starter 32bit.

I have done some test with the BCHD card using the latest drivers and latest flash player.

Firstly Youtube:

1. BCHD enabled, youtube 720p and 1080p ran smoothly with about 25fps lock. However when on full screen it isn't as smooth and fps drops to 10.

2. BCHD disabled, youtube 720p and 1080p are not watchable, fps range from 1-3. When on full screen it is even worse. Slide show.

Now HD videos played locally, bear in mind I have klite codecs installed with MPC-HC.

1. BCHD enabled, 720p and 1080p plays smoothly on regular size and when on full screen, fps seem to be capped at 23.99fps for both.

2. BCHD disabled, 720p plays smoothly with ranging fps between 23-26fps. 1080p also plays quite smoothly and is certainly watchable with the occasional drops.

So there you have it, the broadcom card doesnt do much for local playback of HD content and a basic 1012 can play HD videos just as smooth for 720p but slightly less with 1080p videos.

On the other hand HD videos on youtube are unwatchable on the basic 1012.

The broadcom card lets you play HD videos on youtube but disappoints when you set it on full screen which is a must since the screen is already small, so that was a big let down but might be fixed with software hopefully.

Other than that the only difference between the basic and the HD version is that with the broadcom card, when playing videos the CPU is under much less stress and you can more easily multitask where as without the BCHD the CPU will be from 70-100% usage.

Locally with the BCHD enable, CPU usage is sub 30%.
however on youtube it is still high around 40-80% properly because of the browser taking a lot of resources.

All in all the broadcom crystal HD is not bad as longs as the full screen on youtube is fixed. TBH I havent tested it with other sites much did try megavideo and it was same as youtube, when on full screen it would drop in fps.

Hopes this helps somebody
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Default 08-25-2010, 11:57 AM

do any one have a problem with megavideo when on fullscreen, it isnt even HD so it why the unsmoothness.

Please feel free to comment
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