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Default Microsoft and the great netbook price-fixing scam of 2009 - 05-27-2009, 12:19 AM

Just a little from the article, follow the link below for the full read.

Microsoft is colluding with netbook hardware vendors to deny customer choice and protect profits

It's the question vexing hardware vendors everywhere: How do they seize on the fervor and froth of the netbook craze without cannibalizing sales of their higher-priced, higher-margin notebooks? After all, if the current crop of netbooks can run the majority of users' day-to-day computing tasks -- and my recent personal experience with an HP Mini 2140 shows that they indeed can -- then what's to stop these same users from ditching their notebook habit altogether in favor of the lighter-weight and increased battery life of a full-time netbook?

Microsoft and the great netbook price-fixing scam of 2009 | Windows - InfoWorld

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Default 05-27-2009, 01:23 AM

I hope Microsoft shoots itself in the foot with it's silly netbook limitations. But compared to real scams, like the "Vista-capable" debacle, it's a pretty weak "scam".

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Default 05-27-2009, 02:15 AM

Make it hard for your customers to get the products they need or want and soon they'll either find other products or they'll lose interest altogether.

When I went with Dish network in 1999 some of the local network affiliates were holding out on uplinking their signals. You could write to the local network affiliates and ask for a waiver to get the national feeds during the interim but they were refusing to grant them. HAving gone from 3 or 4 badly received OTA signals to several hundred channels I had lots to watch without the networks. When the networks finally reached an agreement to have their channels uplinked many years later, I had lost the habit of watching or caring about network programs, and haven't forgotten their deliberate lack of regard for preserving that part of their market share. I suspect my experience was not singular and for many others contributed partly to why the networks have lost at least that part of their viewership.

I bought a netbook at least in part for business purposes -- and I really resent the XP Home limitation -- or I would not care two hoots for microsoft. I'm perfectly happy with unix or the netbook version of that OS. I'm already thoroughly disgusted that microsoft never got vista working for business networking yet before they got windows 7 out the door, they dropped support of windows xp pro. Give me a choice and I personally won't be buying another windows product -- apart from work requirements.

Microsoft can play these games but customers will remember and eventually will pay them back one way or another.
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Default 05-27-2009, 09:25 PM

If they did not put in place hardware and OS restrictions on netbooks, nobody would buy standard sized laptops anymore because "netbook A" with similar specs (the majority of the end users don't really know much about Processor architecture, bus speed, clockspeed, etc) is $500-$800 less than "laptop A".

It's not a scam. It's about maximizing sales for both markets while continuing offering a smaller, portable but less capable computer and making their higher end lines remain appealing to prospective buyers.

Remember: Most end-users don't know much about what they are actually buying.

Sure it has downsides for the end-user, but think of it from the business perspective.

Either way, hurry up and ship my Mini 10, Dell!
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