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Default Just got my mini 10. - 03-25-2009, 07:57 PM

I just received my mini 10 via FedEx this morning. I got it from the outlet with a coupon. So far I like it. I think the track pad needs some work but I need to get use to it. I really like the keyboard size. The 10 does feel a little sluggish compared to my 9, but I will be getting rid of some of the stuff I don't need on it. The computer itself is very sharp looking. I posted some pics in the pic thread If anyone is interested to see. anyway I just wanted to share and throw my first impression with my new 10 in the mix. If anyone has any questions Ill do my best to answer them. keep in mind I'm not very computer savvy. P.S. The battery in the back has the same jiggle problem that my 9 did. maybe its just mine. lol
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Default Re: Just got my mini 10. - 03-26-2009, 01:11 PM

After you've had a chance to use it awhile, I would be interested to see how your findings compare with mine at:

After 7 full days of testing with XP and Windows 7, I don't think I can deal with:
1. Touchpad (maybe new drivers will be developed to disable sensitivity around the "buttons," change touchpad sensitivity beyond the palm-check sensitivity, add one finger vertical scroll area and other things, but for now it keeps jumping around even with most of the gestures disabled). I have accidentally moved or deleted more files than I'd care to admit because the pointer jumps just as you click a button.
2. SD cards stick out half-way, essentially eliminating the option for Readyboost to help the crippled 1 GB RAM.
3. Sluggishness due to the 1 GB RAM. It won't play HD video with Aero enabled and even has a hard time playing any video.

Other than that, its a VERY nice, well-built computer; the screen and keyboard are fantastic. It will be a tough decision and 14 more days to decide, BUT.... I think its going back. Probably why there are tons of them on the Outlet "Previously Ordered New."

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Default Re: Just got my mini 10. - 03-28-2009, 10:29 PM

I just received the Mini 10 I ordered for my daughter's graduation. I got it from the outlet with a coupon (that was kindly posted in the Mini 9 forums here) for $305 delivered. It is really, really, red; she is going to love it. I have heard some poor comments about the 10, but at that price I decided to give one a try. It has bios A02 and came with XP SP3. Setup took a bit to finish and the desktop was a little slow coming up, but so was my Mini 9 when it arrived with XP and a SSD full of Dell cr*pware. After a bit of cleanup and tuning my Mini 9 ran fine, I think the Mini 10 will do the same. The screen is very nice, the lower vertical resolution is a very minor annoyance (576 vs 600 on the Mini 9), but the keyboard is awesome! I have to say no regrets at this point. It looks really nice compared to the Mini 9; much cleaner styling. The touchpad is sorta weird and has no buttons. The touch pad floats and the bottom corners actually depress and click like a button. It is kind of neat, but the software that comes with it causes erroneous clicks when you are trying to move the cursor. I am sure she will disable some of the more "helpful" features in the touchpad software. I am surprised to say that I like it; it felt like a mistake after I ordered it, but I think it will be okay. I wouldn't know what to do with 160GB of storage in my Mini 9! :lol:


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Default Re: Just got my mini 10. - 03-29-2009, 06:27 PM

Yeah, that's how I got mine with the coupon and it came to the same price. I thought that was a very good deal. As I use it more and more I do find the pad to be its biggest down fall, but its nothing my ultra portable mouse cant cure. When I need to type something I go to the 10. I do feel it is more sluggish then the 9 but for the price I cant complain to much.
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