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Default New netbook...need some tweaks - 09-07-2010, 11:32 PM

I received a new netbook a few months back for free so I'm not complaining at how slow the damn thing is or why I have the z520 cpu while everyone else has the z530 or how I can't hackintosh.

This thing is running Windows 7 starter and has 1gig ram.

But it runs slow as hell and I am attempting to do some tweaks to help out with this.

I did a few things.
I installed the latest graphics card drivers and adobe.
I increased the virtual ram and got rid of a majority of the visuals (but I kept the main windows 7 interface).
I am going to receive a sdhc card soon for readyboost.
I uninstalled a lot of the junk Dell had running.

Any other windows 7 tweaks I should take into consideration?
I am thinking about downgrading to XP. Yay or nay?
The highest trackpad setting is way to sluggish. Any fixes for this? (EDIT: Updated this to the latest drivers over at and it is much smoother now).
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Cool 09-08-2010, 01:02 AM

its only a 1.3ghz Atom....I dont think you are gonna get the performance that you think you are....maybe think about selling it and getting something you might be happier with..try an Alienware..they are much quicker.....just my 0.02..

PS. Welcome to the forum....

by the way most say that Win 7 is faster than XP, but the starter edition does have many limitations to it, I am guessing that there is not an AV program in the background slowing things down right?

Dell Mini 10 (Obsidian Black 1010), 2gb RAM, 1.66ghz 533mhz FSB (Z530) processor, A10 BIOS, 1 Terabyte (1000 GB) WD Scorpio Blue Hard Drive (5400rpm), Intel GMA 500 Integrated Graphics, TV Tuner, Bluetooth 2.1 module with EDR, 1.3mp Camera, 1366x768 HD Screen, Wireless 1510 b/g/n mini card, 6 cell (56WHr) Battery, 4gb SDHC, 64gb Flashdrive, Targus Netbook Chillpad, Targus Sport Case, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (500gb)/Windows 8.1 (500gb) (Dual Boot)

iPad 4 (64gb) w/Retina,Targus Versavu Case
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Default 09-08-2010, 01:59 AM

I think BitDefender is the only thing running. I don't have any personal AV running.

Things are running much more smoother now though. I uninstalled more Dell junk (I thought I had cleared it all out) and the new trackpad driver is much better. Now I can actually match the settings of my laptop to give me a more comfortable feel.

I expected to be able to watch media (not hd of course...even my current laptop isn't the best with it) and stream things but it isn't turning out as well as I wanted it to. I also expected to up hold a decent video conference with 3-4 people but it sucks with just one person (very choppy and delayed).

Though youtube seems to be functioning smoother now that I've upgraded the drivers for the graphics card. I haven't tried streaming anything yet.
Oovoo has a low resolution setting which I just found out about so hopefully that helps things a little.

I'm hoping the readyboost will help speed things up as well.

I'm just looking for more little tweaks in settings to help smooth things out even more.
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Default 09-08-2010, 04:10 AM

I just tested streaming and it isn't bad at all.

I am now satisfied with this computer.
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Default 09-08-2010, 09:37 AM

i currently run a 1.6ghz laptop with 1gb ram with that windows starter i did pretty much waht youve done so far. uninstall dell crap and such and i find it awesome like i havent used my desktop in 3 days now
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Default 09-09-2010, 08:47 PM

Overclock it. I have the Z530 and I usually run mine overclocked at 1.9Ghz. With the Z520 you should be able to hit at least 1.6.
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