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Default Youtube lag - 02-06-2010, 09:11 AM

Hey guys I got a dell mini 10 and all was well I was watching HD youtube vids and the next thing you know I cant even view SD without it being so choppy... I have the 10.1 upgrade so is there a better update for the drivers or is the 10.1 the best?
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Default 02-06-2010, 01:40 PM

Which of the three "Mini 10" models do you have?

Mini 9|2GB RAM|64GB RunCore|Intel 5300|Windows 10
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slim0r3z710 slim0r3z710 is offline
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Default 02-07-2010, 02:21 AM

Originally Posted by holmes4 View Post
Which of the three "Mini 10" models do you have?
im not sure what it is? how do i tell?

Item Number Quantity Item Description
W212K 1 Base,Notebook,INSP MINI 10
X957K 1 Module,Keyboard,82,United States,Black,World Wide,1010
J019D 1 Module,Software,DELL-DOCK Consumer
U717N 1 Module,Software,POWER-CINEMA
J722M 1 Module,Information,Video Graphics,Solution,1010
F129G 1 Module,Hard Drive,160,S2,5.4 HIT-FALB,I/X
W220K 1 Module,Cover,Back,W/BZL,Black 1010
G311J 1 Module,Software,WXPHSP3,Low Cost,Factory Install,English Dell Americas Organization
K123M 1 Module,Software,WXPHSP3,LC2 Factory Install,Quick Fix Engineering
U139R 1 Module,Card,Network,DW1397 Inspiron,United States
TM989 1 Module,Battery,Primary,56WHR 6C,SIMPLO
M102P 1 Module,Information,Processor Silverthorne,Z530,1.6G
K702M 1 Module,Information,NO-WWAN NO-ANT,1010
M6309 1 Module,Software,Image, Restore,Inspiron
P788J 1 Module,Software,WXPH,Low Cost,Certificate of Authenticity, V#2008
Y873K 1 Service Install Module Software,Inspiron,1010
MC386 1 Module,Label,MSLOGO,Windows Xp,SMALL
R6H5N 1 Module,Label,Intel,Tablet,AtomDual Core,Rebranding
K981J 1 Module,Information,W/1.3CMRA
F116R 1 Module,Information,No Television Tuner, No Antenna, 1010
F219N 1 Module,Software,Creative Camera,Consumer,W#3,Factory Install
F91HJ 1 Module,Liquid Crystal Display 10WSVGA,AG,V2,Au Optronics Corp,1010
G368M 1 Ship Group, Notebook,World Wide,1010
U970K 1 Module,Assembly,Base,1G,1010
W871N 1 Module,Software,WINDOWS-LIVE Consumer
H500M 1 Module,Shipping Material System,Inspiron
C750M 1 Module,Media,Digital Video Disk Drive,Resource Dvd Inspiron,1010
F412M 1 Module,Documentation,Inspiron English,Dell Americas Organization,1010
W265J 1 Module,Software,WXPHSP3,Low Cost,DVD,English,DAO/BCC
F220N 1 Module,Software,Compact Diskette,Creative,Camera Consumer,W#3
R029P 1 Module,Printed Wiring Assy System,Z530,1.6,1G,1010
T013C 1 Module,Software,Works,9 English
X781K 1 Module,Adapter,Alternating Current,30W,3P,United States 1010
950-3337 1 1 Year Limited Warranty
950-9057 1 No Warranty, Year 2 and 3
960-2780 1 Dell Limited Hardware Warranty 7X24 Technical Support, Initial Year
992-8040 1 Mail-in Service after Remote Diagnosis , Initial Year
993-6617 1 Dell Limited Hardware Warranty Plus Service, Initial Year
600-0039 1 State Environmental Fee for display less than 15 inches
3E476 1 Information,Equipment
11725 1 Warranty Longer of 90 Days or Remainder of System Warranty/ Svc Contract. 21 Day Return. Parts may be Reconditioned.
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Default 02-07-2010, 02:45 AM

Dell Mini 10 - Intel Atom Z530@1.6Ghz, 1Gb DDR2, Intel GMA 500 Integrated Graphics, Dell HD Display@1366x768, Integrated Bluetooth 2.1, 802.11a/g/n, 6-Cell Battery, Jolicloud 1.1
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Default 02-07-2010, 02:59 AM

It's a Model 1010


Netbook: Mini 10v, BIOS A05, OS X 10.6.4, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, BT
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Default 02-07-2010, 04:41 AM

Originally Posted by neo158 View Post
hey bro, the link is dead.
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slim0r3z710 slim0r3z710 is offline
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Default 02-07-2010, 11:31 AM

Overclocked the cpu to 1.86 ghz works awesome! Runs hulu smooth
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Default 02-07-2010, 01:26 PM

Your Dell Mini CPU isn't able to play flash video well... Without using the integrated Video Decoder chip that's able to play up to 1080p. You should use flash beta 1 not beta 2 and win7 with .2020 graphic driver.

The GMA500 Guru: ask me for every video problem! (Or if you desire a perfect video experience)
Win Xp, Driver .1016, Full Hd Youtube Working; Win7, Driver .2019
Dell Mini 10, HDD Momentus 7200.2 160gb (best 2.5" access time )
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